Lotus Salad

Lotus Salad with banana

The Lotus Salad is the salad of abundance. It is made with at least twenty fresh organic ingredients including sweet juicy seasonal fruits and aromatic culinary medicinal herbs like basil and thyme.

Every Lotus Salad is prepared with love, and is truly unique.



We Are All Pink Inside

All humans are esentially similar. We have a common design, and are subject to the laws of physics. We all have te same nine core needs. We are all made of wiggly pink tubes.

Celebrating our differences is great. But focusing too much on our apparent differences is futile.


Vegan Sushi is the sexiest sushi by far. Emptying the sea of fish is decidedly unsexy and it will happen by 2048 according to an international team of ecologists and economists if humans continue consuming animals. Go vegan today and help us stop the sea (and land) apocalypse now.

As you can see, Vegan Sushi is sensuous and sexy. It has all the colours, textures, shapes and taste of your favorite sushi rolls, but it’s much better, because it’s completely cruelty-free.

Raw vegan sushi is the healthiest option, with an emphasis on fresh fruits like avocado. To make raw vegan sushi rolls, use shredded cauliflower instead of rice. The purple cauliflower shown here is an organic variety originally from Ontario, Canada.

To prepare your own vegan sushi at home, you will need some sheets of nori seaweed, and some japanese or panamanian rice.

You will also need three fruits or vegetables of your choice, some black sesame seeds, rice vinegar and soy sauce. Ginger and wasabi are great garnishes, but make sure to prepare your own instead of buying processed wasabi that contains animal by-products.

Vegan Sushi rolls are sliced into seven to ten equal pieces and presented with a variety of sauces and toppings including soy sauce, sweet mango sauce, creamy sauce, thinly-sliced ginger and spicy wasabi paste.


Pan Pita y Ceviche

Vegan ceviche!

Who doesn’t like a good trio? 1. Mango, aloe, basil, sage. 2. Mushrooms, tomato, yellow paprika, purple basil, dill, rosemary. 3. Cucumber, yellow bell pepper, coriander, chives, peppermint.

All 3 marinated for half an hour in lemon juice with red onion and red paprika. If you want it a little less acidic, cut the lemon juice with orange or passion fruit juice. The above is raw vegan and can be enjoyed as is or with spicy peppers.

Optional: serve with fresh pita bread or a vegan cracker. You can also make coconut ceviche or palm hearts.


The Nine Human Needs

Vida Lotus 9 part system for wellness summary“Vida Lotus” or the Lotus Lifestyle, is a simple, powerful and flexible nine-part system for achieving wellness of the body, mind and soul.

To easily recall the nine parts of this system, you can imagine an 8-petal lotus flower with love at the center.

Here are the nine elements of Vida Lotus:

To Love is the central point of Vida Lotus.

To Love is the very essence of your being, and the reason for all creation. Love is your core, and fear is the opposite of love. So definitely don’t be afraid to love. Love yourself. Love others. Love the universe itself. Love love. You can even love fear. Whatever you do, don’t fear love. I suggest you try your best to love all people, even those that would harm you. That doesn’t mean you have to like them or their actions. “To love” in essence, means to wish wellness for the other, and a willingness to help them achieve it. When our “enemies” heal, we all win.

The eight petals of Vida Lotus:

1. Be Wiggly. You were wiggly even before you were born. As wiggliness dwindles, so does wellness. So do whatever you can to reclaim your wiggliness… Sing! Dance! Practice moving like the wind and like water. Your body and mind are one, so moving your body unlocks your mind. The best exercises encourage fluid motions throughout your entire body, such as yoga, martial arts and swimming. In short, choose the exercises that help you get and stay wiggly.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly. Aim to spend as much time as possible in areas of clean air. Ideally, you will be far removed from contaminating factories. If you cannot live in the clean countryside at this moment, then maybe install good air filters in your home and office. Clean fresh air is the number one nutrient, and it is essential to wellness. Now breathe that clean air deeply and slowly.

3. Take in the sun! Practice sungazing at sunrise or sunset. And get those gentle sun rays on your skin too, for at least 15 minutes each day, but avoid the strongest mid-day rays that are more likely to burn you.

Michael Ducharme bathing in a waterfall in Panama4. Bathe in clean water! Chlorine and other toxins found in city water supplies can be absorbed through the skin. Do not drink or bathe in low quality, contaminated or “dead” water. A Japanese scientist proved that water loses much of its life-giving properties when it becomes stagnant. Ideally, you would drink and bathe in living water directly from a crisp mountain spring. But if you can’t then do the next best thing by installing an excellent filter, rather than relying on bottled water, which is often as contaminated as tap water, and sometimes even worse due to plastic materials leaching into the water from the bottle, messing up the body’s natural hormonal balance.

5. Eat a plant-based diet: Alkalize your body with raw organic herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The “Raw Vegan” diet is the optimal choice. But as a minimum step, every human must at least be vegan.

Two women in a sauna6. Detoxify: Even if you eat correctly by avoiding GMO’s, pesticides, and the antibiotics and hormones in animal products, some toxins are sure to sneak their way into your body… so it’s wise to keep a rough count of how many toxins are coming in on a daily basis compared to how many are going out. Your body will eliminate some of these toxins naturally, but the rest will require a specific effort to get rid of. Otherwise, they will accumulate in your tissues and eventually cause disease. Fortunately there are many ways to detoxify, and some are downright pleasurable, like a relaxing massage or laying in a sauna.

7. Meditate or pray: Open your mind and your heart to the divine truth that penetrates you and the entire universe. The more profoundly you observe everything, the more your consciousness can evolve, and this will lead you to be healthier and happier. Meditation means deep observation. We need to go deeper than the five notorious senses that can trap us in the physical realm and prevent us from understanding our spiritual mission. In the same way, true prayer is not about making a list of demands to the almighty, but rather, it’s about listening deeply, and responding with your actions.

8. Dream: Focus more on the quality of your sleep rather than the quantity. And pay attention to your dreams, since this one aspect of sleep is by far the most overlooked and it can bring benefits beyond your belief. It can give you the perspective that is hard to get when the five notorious senses are awake. When you do awaken from your dream, make a note of anything that you remember, then get to work on achieving your mission. Live your dream!

Note that this system is simple and flexible. I did not list a thousand rules because each person only has these nine needs. But each person is free to define their own desires, and these are limitless. So go ahead and add as many other elements to your life as you wish. But make sure that each of the nine basic human needs are satisfied before chasing after those material desires.

In summary, Vida Lotus is the lifestyle system that creates wellness by satisfying the nine human needs: to love, to be wiggly, to breathe clean air, to take in the sun, to hydrate with living water, to eat fruit, to detoxify, to dream and to meditate. This concept is summarized in the following image, which you are welcome to download onto your computer or portable device.



Abundant green and purple basil is preventative medicine for your body and mind. Mix in other medicinal herbs like Chives, garlic, sage, oregano, dill, mint, rosemary, mangueyita for synergistic benefits. Top with Mushrooms for their fleshy texture and avocado for healthy fats and creamy texture.

Zuchini Noodles with Basil Pesto topped with Portobelo Mushroom
Zuchini Noodles with Basil Pesto topped with Portobelo Mushroom

This is a raw vegan option worthy of royalty… Basil pesto made with basil flowers, the most medicinal part with an unmatched nutrient profile.

Beet-Wheat homemade Spaghetti noodles topped with Basil Pesto
Beet-Wheat homemade Spaghetti noodles topped with Basil Pesto

Blend basil leaves or flowers with green peppers, grapeseed oil, himalayan sea salt, garlic and lime juice.

Beet-Wheat homemade Spaghetti noodles topped with Basil Pesto, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil
Beet-Wheat homemade Spaghetti noodles topped with Basil Pesto, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil

Homage to the Clitoris

Let’s Celebrate the Clitoris

Today is the climax of International Clitoris Awareness Week. And to celebrate, I have erected a monument in admiration of the organ responsible for the orgasms of half of the world. Make that 100% if you consider that both female and male sexual organs are one and the same until two weeks after conception. Many are surprised to learn about the many striking similarities between the penis and the clitoris.



The only thing sexier than two vegan pizzas is sharing them with two sexy vegans. We vegans are much sexier than carnists for the following reasons:

1. Vegans have greater blood flow to all our parts because plants do not have cholesterol. That means harder erections and stronger orgasms for both men and women (yes, female sexual organs also become erect when excited ).

2. Vegans have more stamina because plant digestion is quick and easy.

3. Vegans smell and taste better, especially raw vegans.

4. Los veganos son más fuertes y más seguros que los carnistas. Los fuertes y confiados somos conocidos por nuestra compasión por los débiles, mientras que aquellos que carecen de confianza fingirán fortaleza siendo crueles contra los inocentes.

5. The vegan lifestyle leads to an ideal body weight. If you like a slim and toned body, you will find many of them in the growing vegan community.

To make 3 sexy pizzas at home, do it in three simple parts:

1. Prepare the pizza bases

Mix 2 cups warm water with 3 teaspoons of instant yeast, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 3 teaspoons of himalayan sea salt, 3 teaspoons of sugar, 3 teaspoons of coconut oil and 9 cups of wheat flour * (sadly this recipe contains gluten). Kneed it until it has the right texture (a non-sticky ball). Cover the ball with a little more coconut oil and leave it covered until it grows to twice the size. Divide the dough into 3 balls, folding the ball down several times until it is very round, then flatten it with a rolling pin. Heat the oven and cover 3 pizza trays with coconut oil. Transfer the bases to the trays and put them in the oven to pre-cook them (so the rest of the ingredients avoid too much cooking).

2. Prepare the Pizza Sauce

Boil 12 roma tomatoes in a saucepan. When they soften, it drains the water. Peel the tomatoes and blend with garlic and a little pink salt, then continue cooking to evaporate some of the water.

3. Prepare Two Cheeses for your Pizza

Boil 6 chopped potatoes in a pot. When they soften, it drains the water from both. Blend half of the potatoes with himalayan sea salt; the other half with garlic, pink salt and paprika (to have 2 colors of cheese).

Every Pizza is a Masterpiece

Take your pre-cooked base out of the oven and assemble it with a lot of love to your liking or the taste of the person who is going to eat this work of art.

Por lo general, primero cubriras la parte centrica de la base en salsa. Luego, agregarás una capa de queso blanco. Seguirás agregando las frutas, vegetales y hongos que le apetece. Y finalmente se agrega otra capita de queso anaranjado.

Meteles al horno hasta que tengan el nivel de esponjoso/crujiente que prefieres. Sacalos, y agrega hierbas aromáticas frescas (albahaca, romero, oregano, cilantro etc).

Disfrutas las sexi pizzas con otros/as sexi veganos/as o convierte unos/as nuevos/as (no olvida los de 4patas).

The Importance of One Percent

Never underestimate the value of one percent. One percent may sound negligible, but it isn’t. On a genetic level, we humans are only about one percent different from chimpanzees.

If you were 99% happy, and just 1% sad, would you be satisfied with this result? If you were 99% well, and just 1% ill, would this be acceptable? Suppose a person were 99% sane and just 1% insane, would this be a safe ratio? I suggest the answer to all three of these questions is no.

One percent of your life is about fifteen minutes each day.

Fifteen minutes of daily sadness, illness or insanity is far too much to be considered satisfactory, acceptable and safe.

Fifteen minutes of sadness every day can lead to a person commiting suicide. One percent illness could be a daily migraine that lasts 15 minutes. Just imagine the damage that a person could do if he were insane for fifteen minutes every day. I once made this comment to my father, a criminal defence lawyer, to give him a new perspective on his clients that commit heinous acts. It is easy to look at them as horrible people. But no one is horrible all the time. Good people behave badly when they are sad, ill or insane, and even one percent can have devastating consequences. “The next time you defend someone accused of murder”, I said, “remember that she or he probably had good intentions 99% of the time… if that were to change for just 15 minutes, that would be enough time to carry out the murder”. My dad’s response: “Heck, it only takes one second to pull a trigger. Fifteen minutes is enough time to get rid of the body.” Yikes!

So please never again look at 1% as a negligible difference. We must strive for 100% happiness, wellness and sanity. That is not to say that a perfect human being exists. Nor does it mean that we should judge ourselves or others for falling short of perfection. The idea is to keep working on yourself to minimize any sadness or illness that you might otherwise ignore or accept as part of life.

It is within your power to search for, find and eliminate your one percent that blocks peace and causes suffering. It costs nothing, so anyone can do it.

But almost nobody does, because it requires correct attitude and actions in every aspect of life, not just in the parts where you are already doing well.

Start by reviewing the nine human needs. Review them daily. Until you optimize all nine of your basic needs, it won’t do much good to persue other wants and desires. Make small changes every day.

The Real Benefit of Diet vs. Drugs, according to Dr. Michael Greger

Beirut Panama Tabouleh Fatoush and Hummus

A properly-designed vegan/plant-based diet is 20 times more effective at preventing and even reversing chronic disease. As many as 99.4% of heart attacks can be avoided if the patients were to follow a balanced vegan diet.

In this eye-opening video, Dr. Greger shows how most prescription drugs only provide a 3% chance of curing a long-term disease. He suggests that many patients would opt not to take such medications if they were properly informed about the prescription drug’s real effectiveness. Some doctors choose not to inform their patients about the ineffectiveness of drugs precisely to avoid having the patient refuse the treatment.

Dr. Greger goes as far as to say that to practice non-lifestyle medicine is to practice deceptive medicine.

Watch this brilliant video here:

Source: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-actual-benefit-of-diet-vs-drugs/