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Health and Wellness

Wellness is the natural, joyful state of being, free of physical, mental or emotional illness. Wellness is your birthright, and I am here to help you achieve it. As you will learn from reading my health and wellness articles, wellness is well within your reach. Reading health articles and watching health videos is a good start that helps you become more aware,but your success will ultimately be determined by the lifestyle choices that you make each day. Luckily, I have simplified the idea of healthy living down to nine short paragraphs that are easy to understand and implement. And the best news is that you are not required to spend a cent to follow my suggestions: The Lotus Lifestyle by Michael Ducharme Living Well: The Lotus Lifestyle My simple 8-point plan for avoiding illness naturally and inexpensively: Breathe clean air, absorb adequate sunlight, drink clean water, eat healthy food, get and stay wiggly, detoxify, meditate, sleep and dream, and keep love at the front and center of your life. Read more… Get Wiggly book by Michael Ducharme My new book “Get Wiggly” is nearly complete and will be released this year. In it, you will learn the single step to dramatic results in reducing physical mental and emotional pain, while boosting your energy and increasing your happiness.

Health Articles and Videos

Migraines and Headaches

I have recently updated my article entitled “Help for Migraines and Headaches“. Migraines are among the most terrible conditions on Earth. My interest in finding a cure for migraines began at the age of four. Read my article to learn in a few minutes what I learned from thirty years of scientific experimentation. The good news is that I have found a method that is highly effective, and it does not require cutting out part of the brain, nor taking any toxic substance. Read more about migraines… Complete Cancer Cycle


My other nemesis is cancer, and has been since I was only two. At that age, my family informed me that my beloved grandmother died because of cancer. My family then witnessed the devastating effects of chemotherapy. Sadly, some thirty-two years later, the literally hundreds of “new” chemotherapy drugs that have since been released, have essentially the same effect: an overall weakening of the immune system, an effect so dramatic that it would bring the strongest gladiator to his knees. So what is the solution for cancer? My article “Cancer: Cause, Prevention and Possible Cure” addresses this question. In short, prevention is the best solution. But if you or your loved one has already been diagnosed with cancer, you should know that many people have successfully cured themselves of cancer simply by changing their diet and lifestyle, and with no toxic chemotherapy. Read more about cancer…

With Chemotherapy, Less is More


Diabetes is one of the biggest killers in the world and its numbers are growing rapidly. Fortunately, there are several new and old treatment protocols that offer more than blind hope for those suffering with diabetes. Welcome to read my article “Diabetes is Preventable and Curable” to learn about the old and new treatment methods that work. Read more about the effective natural treatments for diabetes. Also of interest to those fighting diabetes: Newest Diabetes Drug Causes Cancer.


Insomnia is often overlooked as one of the world’s most serious conditions. After all, you can’t die from insomnia… or can you? Well it probably won’t surprise you that the sleep deprived are much more likely to die (and kill others) in a car accident or an accident at work that may involve heavy equipment. But there are many other physical and mental health consequences to not being able to sleep properly. My article “Insomnia: The Cause and the Solution” discusses this issue in some detail. Read more about insomnia…

FDA Consumer Protection Efforts

Added sugars to be listed separately from total sugars

The FDA proposed new labeling requirements for Sugar and Sweeteners. This marks the first update to the nutritional information label in twenty five years. The change will be helpful, but does not go far enough to protect consumers from the dishonest tactics of junk food marketers.

FDA to ban trans fats, will prevent more than 7,000 deaths per year

The FDA, often criticized for allowing toxic substances to be sold as food, is taking a major step toward preventing disease. Hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, will no longer be “Generally Recognized As Safe” or GRAS for short. This means that manufacturers will no longer be allowed to sell them without first producing scientific proof that they are safe. Read more…

Dr. Janet Woodcock and the FDA’s Fight against Drug Abuse

Dr. Woodcock proposes new restrictions that will limit the availability of prescription opiates, which are currently responsible for thousands of accidental deaths every year.

Articles on Nutrition

Vegetarians Suffer 32% Fewer Heart Attacks

Given that heart disease is currently the number one killer, it is helpful to know that by selecting a vegetarian diet, one can dramatically reduce the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Plant Proteins Are Superior to Animal Proteins for Human Health

Most people think that “proteins are healthy” because muscles are built from proteins. But what most people do not recognize is that human muscles are actually built from amino acids, not proteins. When an animal protein enters the human body, our immune system is programmed to kill it. This creates chronic inflammation, wastes your energy and leaves your immune system less available to fight viruses and other legitimate threats.

Cholesterol Saves Lives

This video dispels the myth that cholesterol is responsible for heart attacks.

Cannabis is a Vegetable, Useful for Preventing Disease

Depending on who you ask, Cannabis may be described as either a medicine or a drug. But its greatest value would be realized if it were used instead as a food. In its raw, unheated form, cannabis displays no psychotropic properties whatsoever, yet it promises to prevent or reverse a plethora of inflammatory diseases including cancer.

Dangerous toxins to avoid

GMO’s Linked to Migraines, Cancer, Inflammation, Diabetes, Autism and Digestive Disorders

Avoid genetically-modified organisms at all cost. There are dozens of conditions that are already linked directly with the consumption of these false foods. But even more troubling are the conditions that have yet to emerge in humans, such as mass sterility, which has resulted in animal studies. Only time will tell for sure, but in my opinion, we cannot afford to take that risk.

Dr. Omar Moreno: Dairy Linked to Degenerative Diseases

All mammals require mother’s milk in early life, but only humans partake in the ritual of collecting and distributing the milk of another species. The consumption of animal milk is problematic for humans, as our immune system sees the “foreign protein” as a threat, this causing an inflammatory immune response. Dr. Omar Moreno links the consumption of milk with the development of several chronic degenerative diseases.

Wheat is Toxic and Addictive

Wheat has become a staple in so many people’s diets, but not because of its health value. Rather, we eat it because they produce it, and they produce it because it is inexpensive to do so. Unfortunately, wheat binds to the opium receptors in the brain, resulting in overeating and an addiction that is difficult to beat.

Aluminum causes breast cancer, deterioration of brain functions, and calcium deficiency

Dr. Moreno cautions against all types of exposure to aluminum, including the exposure from cooking in aluminum pots, to cosmetics and antiperspirants that contain aluminum, to packaged foods that are processed with and include this toxic heavy metal.

More health and wellness articles

Epigenetics: Your Thoughts can Heal You (or make you sick)

Positive thinking leads to positive health. This phenomenon is known as the placebo effect, and is well-documented. Typically, the placebo effect alone is considered around 30% effective. The goal of pharmaceutical giants is to produce drugs that beat the placebo… many times these expensive, toxic substances are less effective than the “fake” pill that induces the placebo effect.

Natural Birth Control to Avoid the Side Effects of Hormonal Options

Taking synthetic hormones can have many undesired effects on the body. This article and video is for women that prefer to avoid taking synthetic hormones, in favor of a natural system of family planning.

How Stress Affects the Body

Stress is known to be a killer. This video describes what happens when our body remains in “fight or flight” mode for too long.

Robo-Mosquitoes Are a Serious Threat to Human Life

Genetic engineering is never safe, because future mutations are impossible to predict. The mosquito is, on its own right, a dangerous creature that is capable of transmitting deadly diseases to humans. Put these two together and we have a double-danger, a recipe for a potential disaster of colossal proportions.

Love is your nature, your core, your essence

Energy Healing

Learn how to restore the body and mind to its normal operation, free of physical and mental illness. Many chronic conditions can be eliminated or drastically reduced with just one treatment. You can schedule a treatment and/or sign up for my course on how to apply the techniques that I have found to be most effective. Read more…

Chronic Toxemia and Detoxification

The human body is a highly-evolved sophisticated organism that can survive even a long-term moderate exposure to toxins or repeated acute exposures. The body can eliminate some toxins through respiration, perspiration, urination and defecation. The mind is inseparable from the body. Both physical and mental illness can result from the accumulation of toxins that escaped elimination. A focused or general detox regimen can be implemented to restore wellness. Read more to find about about the types of detoxification therapies