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Vida Lotus is more than a project, it is my life’s mission. My plan is to revolutionize the growing wellness industry with a new paradigm that produces never-seen-before results. My unique method can help beat even some of the toughest physical, mental and emotional ailments, often with the very first session.

Vida Lotus works by addressing the 9 human needs including the one that I discovered in my early years: wiggliness. You can read a summary of the nine human needs and how to address them for optimal health at

The Vida Lotus brand will be rolled out worldwide in the following manner:

Vida Lotus Retreat & Spa

Vida Lotus Retreat + Spa: spacious high-end facilities and lush organic gardens, where guests can learn by living the Vida Lotus wellness system. Retreat packages will address all nine of the human needs and will allow each guest to profoundly explore the lifestyle. Guests will be transformed into their best version.

Vida Lotus Urban Spa: a compact version of the above that will fit nicely into highly-transited city centers. Customers will get a sense of the Vida Lotus paradigm, with short daily, weekly or monthly visits until they can plan a lengthier stay in our Retreat + Spa.

The essence of Vida Lotus consists of a wellness spa and healing center, and a raw vegan restaurant. Expansion plans include a boutique hotel, luxury residences, and an education center that focuses on wellness and healing.

The project is located just 3 minutes off the Inter-American Highway, 60 km west of Panama City. At 500m (1600 feet) above sea level,  Vida Lotus provides a cool breeze year-round and a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Panama’s First National Park and the skyscrapers of Panama City.

Pacific Ocean View from The Lotus Garden
Pacific Ocean View from Vida Lotus

The Lotus Spa pampers its guests and leaves them looking and feeling ten years younger with unique techniques and organic substances. The Lotus Restaurant serves healthy food and beverages that are more delicious than you ever imagined, with a glorious view of Mount Trinidad from its patio. Mega-salads with thirty-plus organic ingredients,  home-made ice cream and sherbert and a selection of exquisite hot chocolate, coffee, and herbal teas, all grown right here.

Please contact me if you are interested to participate in the next phase.