Raw vegan food can eliminate migraines and transform your health completely

The way that Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram transformed her life and her health is truly inspiring. At sixteen she was pre-diabetic with hyperglycemia. By eighteen, she suffered awful migraines, insomnia, depression, nausea, constipation, hair loss, skin problems, lack of confidence and her blood sugar issues remained.

John Rose suggested that she go vegan, and eat raw food. Kristina’s health immediately improved, and she has never gone back. Not only is Kristina now migraine-free, she is in fact among the healthiest people alive. Everyone that has met Kristina knows that it is true! She is brilliant in her videos but her aura glows even more brightly in person.

I personally recommend that you watch the following video, like it, subscribe, and join Kristina and myself in this easy and rewarding 14-day challenge.