Sr. Linda Dube

Sister Linda Dube
Sister Linda Dube

Sr. Linda Dube is an Ursuline nun, a scientist, a teacher, and a humanitarian. When I was young, Sr. Linda taught me about the scientific method and its importance in life, and she urged me to solve some of the world’s problems through experimentation and observation.

She has recently spear-headed the foundation of Our Lady of Guadalupe of Guadalupe Home of Windsor, a home for the nurturing and care of women in crisis pregnancies. Under the leadership of Sr. linda, OLOG is presently raising the funds that are necessary to purchase a large house for these women and their newborns.

Mother Teresa once said “A baby is a gift from God. You don’t want him? Give him to me!”

Yet in Canada the law does not recognize the value of a baby human being, as it continues to permit abortions, and even allows others to pressure or to coerce a woman to have an abortion. Many pregnant teens and women who would otherwise choose to have their babies are under such pressure to abort that they feel there is no other choice than to abort.

The pressure to abort may come from an irresponsible boyfriend or parents for fear or shame. Medical professionals sometimes convince the woman to abort even after they expressed their desire not to abort (believing these people would help them). The saddest scenario of all is when a man impregnates a young girl (incest or pedophilia) and wants the “evidence” to “disappear”.

Girls and women in crisis pregnancy get the clear message: abort or get out and have the baby on their own.  Worse than that, some even fear for their lives should they choose to carry their baby to term, as evidenced by Roxanne Fernando, who was brutally murdered for refusing to have an abortion.  At a time in their lives when women feel most vulnerable, needing love and support, many feel rejected instead. Overwhelmed by the daunting task of carrying a child to term while trying finding food and shelter, or even to avoid the threat of violence, many cave in to pressure, and decide to have an abortion.

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