Juices and Smoothies


Kristina’s Raw Coffee Alternative

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram shares her perfect solution for those that are infatuated with the taste or smell or the daily ritual of coffee drinking. This fully-raw alternative to coffee may help you to beat a caffeine addiction. (You may experience some detox/withdrawal symptoms…). You may just get hooked on healthier living!

Kristina's Raw Coffee Alternative

Kristina’s Raw Coffee Alternative

Kristina’s Raw Blueberry Milkshake

This beautiful and delicious concoction is one of Kristina’s many delectable anytime-treats. You may want to slurp it down all by yourself or you may be generous enough to share it. But one thing is for sure: once you finish preparing this satisfying shake, it will disappear before you know it.



Kristina’s Raw Soul Shine Juice

Kristina's Soulshine Juice

Kristina’s Soulshine Juice

Kristina’s Raw Orange Basil Smoothie

Kristina's Orange-basil Smoothie

Kristina’s Orange-basil Smoothie

Kristina’s One-Minute Raw Meal

Kristina’s Watermelon Juice Secret

Kristina's Watermelon Secret

Kristina’s Watermelon Secret

Kristina’s Raw Banana Ice Cream Float

Kristina's  Banana Ice Cream Float

Kristina’s Banana Ice Cream Float

Megan’s Chocolate Smoothie

Megan's Chocolate Smoothie

Megan’s Chocolate Smoothie