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This is my good friend, Gudrun Leduc. Gudrun was born in Germany and after some extensive traveling, she settled in Montreal, Canada.

Around ten years ago, Gudrun called one of my companies, and I invited her and her husband to visit me in Panama. We have been friends ever since, and I have come to know what a remarkable person she is. Gudrun is an inspiration to many people. Some know her as the dedicated Tai Chi and Chi Gong master. Others have studied yoga and pilates with her. Still others have received expert shiatsu massage treatments from her. And many a student and friend of Gudrun has had the pleasure of sampling Gudrun’s exquisite meals.

It was in China that Gudrun received her training in Tai Chi and Chi Gong. She studied Yang style and Sun style tai chi, as well as tai chi weapons, including the use of single-edged and double-edged broadswords. She studied these arts at the University of Physical Education in Beijing under Master Wu and Grand Master Yung Ming Zhong. She then took her knowledge back to Canada, and opened the 5 Elements School, to share these arts with her own students, many of whom continued practicing with her for twenty years, until Gudrun’s move to Panama.

Gudrun now operates a healing retreat center in Cerro Punta, Panama. She is planning to offer Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Yoga Retreats at The Lotus Garden, in Limon, Panama.

Gudrun is married to Greg Leduc, a talented musician and the two have two lovely daughters and a beautiful grandson. Below, Gudrun is pictured with her daughter, Katherine, who has taken over the management of the 5 Elements School in Montreal.

Yoguinis Gudrun y Katherine - Yoga Libre Gudrun and Katherine Leduc

Festival de las Flores de Limon de Campana

panama limon campana flores papo

Festival de las Flores de Limon de Campana

Limon es quizas la comunidad mas vistosa en la republica de Panama,
gracias a sus panoramicas majestuosas del oceano pacifico y de las montañas incluyendo el primer parque nacional de Panama, Altos de Campana.

Alrededor del 90% de los Limoneños comparten una vocacion: el cultivo de flores,
plantas ornamentales y plantas medicinales. Una vez al año, la gente del pueblito preparan juntos un festival para exponer cientos de variedades de flores, plantas, pequeños arboles, con musica, bailes, comida y artesanias.