Cacao, the Chocolate Fruit

Liquid Chocolate

Cacao –Food of the Gods

Cacao is among the most famous plants on Earth. Its name comes from the Greek, and means “food of the gods”. Cacao was used and cultivated by ancient Central American indigenous tribes such as the Mayas, Aztecs and Kunas as currency. Their abundant gold was used as a mere decoration as it could not be as valuable as that which produced health.

Modern scientists are re-discovering the many medicinal uses of antioxidant-rich cacao, including its ability to fight cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and depression, while stimulating cognitive function, improving memory and intelligence.


Cacao, and Natural Chocolate

Liquid Chocolate, made from the Cacao Fruit
Liquid Chocolate, made from the Cacao Fruit

Cacao is the most important component in the production of chocolate. While commercial chocolates often contain copious amounts of sugar, cow milk and other addictive and toxic substances, it is certainly possible to produce a high quality chocolate using only healthy ingredients like cacao, coconut, and a natural sweetener like stevia, honey or maple syrup.


Health Benefits of Cacao and Chocolate

A 2012 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found a “close, significant linear correlation between chocolate consumption per capita and the number of Nobel laureates”. (1)

Other recent studies have shown a positive effect on cholesterol, cough, weight loss, eczema, heart disease, high blood pressure and skin care.

In my wellness center, several female clients reported an absence of PMS symptoms following a chocolate therapy administered prior to the expected onset of the monthly symptoms. This chocolate therapy consisted of painting dark chocolate sauce on the patient from head to toe, allowing the skin to absorb the nutrients, as well as inhalation of the chocolate aroma, and a small amount of this same chocolate mixture was consumed.

Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac and a mood-enhancer. Raw cacao stimulates the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, important neurotransmitters that block pain while creating pleasure and relaxation. Endorphins are our natural pain relievers; when pain suddenly disappears, a feeling of euphoria takes its place. Dopamine produces a feeling of joy with heightened focus and attention. Serotonin is our natural anti-depressant and it is important for relaxation and sleep. Each of these neurotransmitters are needed for good physical and mental health. Higher-than-normal levels of these neurotransmitters is likely to produce a feeling of intense pleasure and euphoria.

Interestingly, when forced to choose between chocolate and sex, 22 percent of women said they’d prefer chocolate. A survey of  2000 people found that alcohol, chocolate and sex were the three most difficult things to forgo.  (2)

It is important to keep both sides of this coin in proper perspective. While decreasing pain and increasing both pleasure and relaxation are normally welcomed benefits, relying on any one nutrient to stimulate these natural functions can lead to addiction and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if consumption ceases. In other words, cacao may be considered a medicine, and it is important to regulate the dosage. An excess external stimulation may cause the body to under-produce on its own, which would explain the withdrawal symptoms.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that people who suffer extreme depression have an irregular production of phenylethylamine or PEA, an amphetamine that stimulates dopamine receptors and increases mental alertness, pulse,  blood pressure and blood sugar levels. When we fall in love, our brain naturally releases phenylethlamine, producing so much pleasure that it can be addictive. The heartbroken may self-medicate by binging on chocolate since chocolate is high in phenylethylamine.

Theophylline is a stimulant of the heart and central nervous system, relaxes the bronchial smooth muscles, and may be effective in preventing and treating apnea in premature infancy.

Anandamide is an endocannabinoid. Endocannabinoids occur naturally in the brain, but are most concentrated in the cannabis plant, and to a much lesser extent in cacao.

The Raw Cacao Fruit

Cacao pod
Cacao pod

Pictured above is an entire cacao pod, which grows directly from the trunk of a tree in Central America.

Cacao pod, split open
Cacao pod, split open

The picture above shows the cacao pod sliced in half, revealing the seeds covered in a sweet gooey white gel.

Cacao seeds coated in gel
Cacao seeds coated in gel

Pictured above are the raw seeds covered in white slimy gel. This sweet gel may be the key to prevention of cancer and heart disease as it is consumed by the indigenous tribe that does not suffer either of these degenerative diseases. There are almost no studies on the consumption of the gel, most probably because developed countries normally only receive the processed cacao and have never had access to the fruit in its raw form.

Cacaotero Theobroma

The scientific name of the chocolate fruit is “Cacaotero Theobroma”. Its chemical composition includes a large number of vitamins, amino acids and other phyto-nutrients… over 300 compounds in all. The flavor components include polyphenols, aliphatic esters, unsaturated aromatic carbonyls, pyrazines, diketopiperazines, and theobromine.

Per 100 grams, the seed contains 456 calories, 3.6 grams of water, 12.0 grams of protein, 46.3 grams of fat, 34.7 grams of total carbohydrate, 8.6 grams of fiber, 106 mg of calcium, 537 mg phosphorus, 3.6 mg iron, 30 mg beta-carotene, 0.17 mg of thiamine (Vitamin B1), 0.14 mg riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 1.7 mg niacin (Vitamin B3), and 3 mg ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

Wealth of India reported that the edible pulp of the fruit contains 79.7–88.5% water, 0.5–0.7% albuminoids, astringents, etc.; 8.3–13.1% glucose, 0.4–0.9% sucrose, a trace of starch, 0.2–0.4% non-volatile acids (as tartaric), 0.03% Fe2O3 and 0.4% mineral salts (K, Na, Ca, Mg).

Raw seeds contain 0.24 mg/100 g thiamine, 0.41 riboflavin, 0.09 pyridoxine, 2.1 nicotinamide, and 1.35 pantothenic acid.

Cocoa also contains about 18% proteins, fats (cocoa butter), amines and alkaloids including theobromine (0.5 to 2.7%), caffeine (ca 0.25% in cocoa; 0.7 to 1.70 in fat-free beans, with forasteros containing less than 0.1% and criollos containing 1.43 to 1.70%), tyramine, dopamine, salsolinol, trigonelline, nicotinic acid, and free amino acids; tannins; phospholipids; and more.

The seeds, leaves and roots contain alkaloids theobromine and caffeine which has diuretic and vasodilator. Antitumor activity was found in the root and bark. The seeds contain fat (cocoa butter) are used in pharmacy as an emollient and for making ointments and creams. It is helpful in treating dry skin, burns, dandruff, dysentery, measles, and even snakebites, according to folk healers. Overall, cocoa is slightly tonic and stimulant, although in large doses or in sensitive individuals, can cause insomnia and tachycardia. (5)


Cacao and Caffeine

To compare the amount of caffeine in a 6 oz cup of various beverages, I rely on information from Tyler and Palotti (6,7).

  1. Expresso coffee: 310 mg
  2. Boiled coffee: 100 mg
  3. Instant coffee: 65mg
  4. Hierba mate: 25–50 mg
  5. Tea: 10–50 mg
  6. Cola: 25 mg
  7. Coca cola: 20 mg
  8. Cocoa (cacao): 13 mg
  9. Pepsi cola: 10 mg



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Dr. Omar Moreno: Wifi Radiation linked to cancer, headaches and reduction of sperm count

Respected Reader,

Doctor Omar Moreno
Doctor Omar Moreno


Availability of Wi-Fi is very convenient as it eliminates the use of cables. This technology is used in computers, tablets and mobile phones for sending e-mails and surfing the Internet anywhere within the range of the Wi-Fi signal.

Yet despite these benefits, studies show that the radiation generated by wireless routers negatively affects our health.

British activist website “Stop Smart Meters” recently published a list of 34 scientific studies showing adverse biological effects of exposure to Wi-Fi , including studies that link it to headaches, reduced sperm count and oxidative stress, which can ultimately lead to cancer.

The latest study of the damage caused by Wi-Fi comes from a surprisingly humble source: five  fifth-grade girls in Denmark, whose science experiment revealed that the wireless radiation is equally devastating to plants.


The experiment began when the five students realised that they had difficulty concentrating in school if they slept near their mobile phones the night before… see more.


Follow these tips to protect your health and that of your family from Wi-Fi radiation… view more


If you can not do without your Wi-FI, minimize it so… read more

Greetings and blessings,

Dr. Omar Moreno ND- DSNM



GMO’s hidden in your food linked with cancer, migraines, sterility, diabetes, autism and digestive disordersOGM vinculados al cáncer, las migrañas, la esterilidad, la diabetes, el autismo y los trastornos digestivos

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. In essence, mad scientists extract parts of a gene from one species and force it onto another species. The short term effect is a new, patentable gene that has a disgusting safety record.

But safety has nothing to do with GMO, whose only goal is to produce profits for the patent-holder. GMO’s do not offer a single benefit to the consumer. They do not taste better, or offer any additional nutrient value. The manufacturer does promise a benefit to farmers, but fails to deliver on that promise.

What is the promise to farmers?

Farmers erroneously believe they will receive higher yields  with the GMO crops. In reality, the yields are higher with organic, sustainable crops, which are more resistant to drought. Therefore the only “benefit” to the farmer is a more expensive seed that is “roundup-ready”, meaning that they can spray copious amounts of Glyphosate (a chemical weapon of war) on their food crops. Everything will die except for zombified plants that look like food.

What happens to Animals fed GMO’s?

Animals often instinctively avoid the GMO’s. Researchers have been repeatedly shocked at seeing the animals’ refusal to eat the GMO food that looks identical to the organic version. When they are forced to eat GMO’s, they often develop grotesque tumours, have stillborn babies, or are rendered infertile. The effect is passed down to future generations. When an animal is fed GMO’s, her offspring will typically be smaller, may die suddenly within the first week, or will likely be infertile. Instead of a perpetual cycle of producing new generations forever, the way God intended, the GMO-fed animals usually extinguish themselves within just three generations.

What about Human Trials?

Well that is kind of a trick question, since there have been none! Yes, that’s right. Some lawmakers thought that it would be a good idea to skip the human trials and proceed to allow the Evil Monsanto to release its animal-disfiguring and toxic GMO’s directly to the market so that YOU (yes, YOU) can be the guinea pig!

OH MY GOD! Are you serious?

Unfortunately, yes.  The unwitting human test-subjects are already showing a plethora of horrible symptoms, most commonly headaches including migraines, inflammation (everywhere) and every kind of digestive disorder, plus food allergies. Also, most long-term disorders including diabetes and autism have steadily increased since the release of GMO’s just a few years ago. The full extent of the damage is still unknown, because diseases like cancer often take many years to develop. In about 5-10 more years, if GMO’s are still around, there may be a huge amount of evidence proving that GMO’s are directly related to cancer.

But you’ll have to wait about 70 more years to find out if your grand-kids are able to continue the family-tradition of making babies. One of the main reasons that scientists use animals for scientific study is precisely this: most animals have a much shorter lifespan than we do. We can therefore see the “long-term” effects of a substance much faster than if we wait for three human generations. Certainly, there are some cases where a substance is harmful to an animal yet harmless to humans and vice versa. That’s why we (normally) have three phases of study before allowing a substance into the market:

Phase one: test tubes! If it looks harmful in a test tube, then we probably shouldn’t feed it to an animal!

Phase two: animals! If it looks to be beneficial in the test tubes, let’s test it on a sick animal, and see if it cures them! But if we give it to a healthy animal and the animal dies or becomes seriously ill, then we definitely shouldn’t be giving this to humans.

Phase three: humans! If a substance has been shown to cure sick animals, there may be some humans willing to try their luck. This is usually done with the full consent of the patient, who is required to read a long list of possible side effects, then sign a waiver of responsibility… in case the experiment is unsuccessful.

It’s deplorable that the government has allowed good, honest, non-consenting individuals to become part of this sick experiment. I did not sign any consent form. Did you? I thought not. And yet these GMO’s are now so ubiquitous that they are hard to avoid. Nearly the entire supermarket is filled with them. They are most likely in your fridge and in your gut. Sadly, you’ve probably fed these same poisons to your children, believing them to be safe, at least as safe as other processed food.

So what can I do?

Opt out of the experiment immediately! If you live in a country that has a modicum of respect for human life, the GMO’s will either be completely banned or at least properly labeled. If you live in the USA or Canada, whose governments claim to protect life but so far have not followed through on that promise, you’ll have to assume that GMO’s are in just about every package of processed food. In particular, you should stay away from ALL non-organic products containing corn, soy and canola.

I am sure that you love your family as much as I love mine. If so, then you will want to inform each and every member of your family (and there is no need to stop there) about the looming dangers of GMO. You may want to send them this article, or buy a copy of the documentary above. You may also want to help your family clean out its fridges and pantries. If it seems like “wasting money” to throw away food, remember these two points:

First, illness ALWAYS costs more than wellness!

And second, GMO’s are NOT food!!!!!!!!!!!


OGM significa Organismo Genéticamente Modificado. En esencia, unos científicos-locos extraen partes de un gen de una especie y la meten a la fuerza al gen de otra especie. El efecto a corto plazo es un nuevo gen “patentable” con un historial de seguridad repugnante. Pero la seguridad no tiene nada que ver con los OGM, cuyo único objetivo es producir ganancias para el titular de la patente. OGM no ofrecen una ventaja para el consumidor. Ellos no saben mejor, ni ofrecen algún valor nutricional adicional. El fabricante promete un beneficio para los agricultores, pero tampoco logra cumplir tal promesa.

¿Cuál es la promesa de los agricultores?

Los agricultores creen erróneamente que recibirán mayores rendimientos con los cultivos transgénicos. En realidad, los rendimientos son más altos con los cultivos orgánicos-sostenibles, que son más resistentes a la sequía. Por lo tanto, el único “beneficio” para el agricultor es una semilla más caro que es “roundup-ready” (listo para el veneno Roundup), lo que significa que puede rociar grandes cantidades de glifosato (un arma química de guerra) en sus cultivos de alimentos. Todo alrededor morirá, con la excepción de las plantas zombis que se parecen a los alimentos.

¿Qué sucede con los animales alimentados con transgénicos?

Los animales a menudo instintivamente evitan el OGM. Los investigadores frecuentemente se sorprenden al observar la forma que los animales niegan a comer los alimentos OGM que, a simple vista humana, parecen idénticos a la versión orgánica. Cuando se ven obligados a comer los OGM, los pobres animales a menudo desarrollan tumores grotescos, tienen bebés nacidos muertos, o se vuelven estéril. Tristemente, el efecto se transmite a las futuras generaciones. Cuando un animal es alimentado de OGM, típicamente sus hijos serán más pequeños, pueden morir repentinamente durante la primera semana, y los que sobreviven son estériles. En vez del ciclo perpetuo de la reproducción según el plan-maestro de Dios, los animales alimentados con OGM suelen extinguirse en sólo tres generaciones.

¿Qué hay de ensayos con humanos?

No ha habido ninguno! Sí, es cierto. Algunos legisladores pensaron que sería una buena idea para saltar las pruebas en humanos y permitir al Malisimo Monsanto de liberar sus OGM’s tóxicos directamente al mercado para que usted (sí, usted) se convierta en conejillo de indias!

DIOS MIO! ¿Es en serio?

Por desgracia, sí. Los seres humanas sujetos involuntariamente a la “prueba” ya están mostrando una plétora de síntomas horribles, más comúnmente dolores de cabeza, incluyendo las migrañas, la inflamación (por todas partes) y cada tipo de trastorno digestivo, además de alergias a los alimentos y mucho mas. La mayoría de los trastornos crónicos como la diabetes y el autismo han aumentado de manera constante desde el lanzamiento de los transgénicos hace apenas unos años. El alcance total de los daños aún se desconoce, ya que las enfermedades como el cáncer a menudo tardan años en desarrollarse. En unos 5-10 años más, si los transgénicos todavía abundan, puede haber una gran cantidad de pruebas de que los transgénicos están directamente relacionados con el cáncer.

Pero usted tendrá que esperar unos 70 años más para ver si sus nietos son capaces de continuar la tradición familiar de la procreación. Una de las razones principales que los científicos usan animales para el estudio científico es precisamente esto: la mayoría de los animales tienen una vida mucho más corta de la nuestra. Por tanto, podemos ver los efectos “a largo plazo” de una sustancia mucho más rápido que si esperamos a tres generaciones humanas. Ciertamente, hay algunos casos en los que una sustancia es perjudicial para el animal pero inofensivos para los humanos y viceversa. Es por eso que (normalmente) se requiere de tres fases de estudio antes de soltar una sustancia en el mercado:

Fase uno: tubos de ensayo! Si la sustancia parece perjudicial en esta fase, es preferible no dársela ni a los animales!

Fase dos: los animales! Si la sustancia parece ser beneficiosa en la primera fase, se proceda a probarla en animales enfermos, con la esperanza de que se curen! Pero si le damos a un animal sano y el animal muere o resulta gravemente enfermo, entonces definitivamente no deberíamos dar esto a los seres humanos.

Fase tres: los seres humanos! Si se ha demostrado que una sustancia cura a los animales enfermos, puede haber algunas personas dispuestas a probar su suerte. Esto se hace con el pleno consentimiento del paciente, que está obligado a leer una larga lista de posibles efectos secundarios, y luego firmar una renuncia de la responsabilidad… en caso de que el experimento no tenga éxito.

Es deplorable que el gobierno ha permitido que la gente buena, honesta, sin consentimiento, forman parte de este experimento absurdo. Yo no firmé ningún formulario. ¿Y usted? Tampoco. Mas sin embargo, estos OGM son ahora tan omnipresente que son difíciles de evitar. Casi todo el supermercado se llena con ellos. Probablemente existen en su nevera y en su intestino. Lamentablemente, usted probablemente ha alimentado a sus hijos con estos mismos venenos, considerando que eran seguros, por lo menos tan seguro como los demás alimentos procesados.

Entonces, ¿qué puedo hacer?

Darse de bajo del experimento de forma inmediata! Si usted vive en un país donde el gobierno tiene un mínimo de respeto por la vida humana, el OGM o será totalmente prohibido o por lo menos adecuadamente etiquetados. Si usted vive en los EE.UU. o Canadá , cuyos gobiernos pretenden proteger la vida, pero hasta ahora no han cumplido con esa promesa, tendrá que asumir que los transgénicos son en casi todos los paquetes de alimentos procesados​​. En particular, usted debe permanecer lejos de todos los productos no-orgánicos que contienen maíz, soya y canola.

Estoy seguro de que usted ama a su familia tanto como amo la mía. Si es así, entonces informa a cada uno de los miembros de su familia (y desde allí puede seguir informando la demás gente) sobre los peligros inminentes de OMG. Es posible que desee enviar este artículo, o comprar una copia del documental anterior. También puede ayudar a su familia a limpiar sus refrigeradores y botar a los OGM venenosos. Si le parece “una pérdida de dinero” tirar la comida, recuerde bien estos dos puntos:

Primero, la enfermedad siempre cuesta más que el bienestar!

Y segundo, los transgénicos no son comida!!!!!

With Chemotherapy, Less is More

Oncologists continue using chemotherapy drugs because of the scientific studies that support their use while alternative health “experts” are screaming the benefits of natural substances that are helpful and less dangerous. After carefully considering the pros and cons of each, it is clear that while small doses of chemo may provide some benefit to some patients, higher cumulative doses should be avoided.

Doctors are scientists that are focused on one thing: using the best tools available whose effectiveness are scientifically proven to improve or lengthen the life of the patient. Naturopaths and other alternative practitioners also attempt to improve and lengthen the patient’s life, but very often relies on common sense, folk traditions, and informally-gathered “anecdotes” that may or may not qualify as legitimate evidence, depending on who you ask.

If you ask me, I say that medicines continue to be handled by doctors, herbs continue to be handled by herbalists, and evidence continue to be handled by lawyers and judges.

Scientists prefer to base their opinion on larger, more formal studies, with strict procedures for comparing the effect of one substance against a fake. In most cases the look-alike is a sugar pill or a saline injection that tricks the patient into believing that she is receiving an active ingredient. To achieve the so-called “gold standard” of scientific studies, the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, even the doctor must be fooled into thinking that she is administering the drug.

No herbalist can afford to conduct such a study. Herbs are in the public domain, available to patients for free or for next to nothing. The herbalist has heard that a particular natural substance will have a beneficial effect based the vitamins or minerals that it contains, or based on the success stories from past users. But these “anecdotes” are considered unscientific.

Where is the truth in all of this?

A wise man that I know taught me to go to great lengths to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how obvious the truth may seem on the surface, and no matter how confusing things get when you dig up heaps of seemingly-disconnected facts. Only the most thoughtful and most patient among us are willing to take the time to carefully examine each scientific study and each “unscientific” anecdote to decide which of these belongs in the final weighing of the evidence.

In a perfect world, there would be wonderful studies comparing the effects of synthetic drugs against the natural alternative. There would be no need for deceiving hard-working, intelligent doctors, no more fooling the innocent and cooperative patients. Less money wasted messing around with sugar and salt.

I admit that it is mildly interesting to see how many patients are healed just by taking a moot pill, since this phenomenon proves that a person’s positive thoughts do in fact have a positive influence on her healing. But this has been proven and re-proved. On to other matters that are yet unclear in the minds of many.

We all want to know exactly how well does the notorious chemotherapy work when compared directly against the mighty dandelion, or raw natural cannabis?

There are heated debates, but rarely does a debate end with both sides having the same view of the truth.

Physicians and alternative practicioners must find some common ground. We must work together, without finger-pointing or name-calling. We must remember that we all want the same thing: to heal the patient, with the best means possible. We must be civil and fair. Each one of us must strive for the extremely-high standard of fairness that a wise judge strives for.

As Lown said in his 1996 book, the Lost art of healing, “Caring without science is well-intentioned kindness, but not medicine.”

The New England Journal of Medicine is a highly-prestigious weekly medical journal that is strictly devoted to science. In its pages you will find the observations and opinions of the most highly-trained professionals in the field of medicine.You will not find a great many studies on natural substances, not because the contributors or the editors are against nature, but simply because this type of study in fact doesn’t exist. But there is no shortage of information on chemotherapy agents, like doxorubicin.

On September 24, 1998, the NEJM published a report by K. Pawan and others, stating that with higher doses of doxorubicin, up to 36 percent of patients suffered cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure. (“Higher” means a cumulative dose of more than 601 mg/sq m of body surface area.) At a medium dose, the risk was still up to 18 %. The researchers proposed a “dose cap” of 500 mg/sq m of body surface area, which seems to cap the risk of heart attack at “just” 4 %.
Clearly, even those that argue in favour of chemotherapy agree that its use should be minimized to avoid its most dangerous side effects.

In numerous studies, cannabis has been found to have antineoplastic, analgesic, antiemetic and appetite-modulatory properties. And raw cannabis has never been proven to harm a patient. Smoked cannabis does produce unwanted side effects such as undesired psychotropic changes and a slight risk of hypoxemia. But raw cannabis juice poses no such risks and contains the essential nutrients THC-acid and CBD-acid.

According to Dr. William Courtney, the tolerable dose of THCa is 60 times higher than with THC (600mg vs 10mg). The low human tolerance for THC explains why a slight change in dose will take some from a pleasant “high” to an unpleasant “acute toxic effect”. [Gerra G et al. Recent Pat CNS Drug Discov . 2010;5(1):46–52]

Dr. Courtney used a tincture of raw cannabis to treat a “massive…inoperable brain tumor” in an 8-year-old. At 2 months: a dramatic reduction. At 8 months: the tumour had nearly disappeared. Thus the child avoided side effects of chemotherapy/radiation.

Two pre-clinical trials have shown that CBD thwarts breast cancer growth. […the effects of CBD on the reduction of breast cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and metastasis”. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 129 (1): 37–47. 2010.] -and- [McAllister SD et al (2007). “Cannabidiol as a novel inhibitor of Id-1 gene expression in aggressive breast cancer cells”. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 6 (11): 2921–7.]

A study at the University of Windsor showed that dandelion tea caused cancer cell apoptosis (cell suicide) in cancer cells.

Cannabis has been well-known and documented for more than 5,000 years. Dandelion has been known for at least a century, and neither plant is known to be dangerous to humans. Yet each of these natural remedies is a long way from gaining the acceptance of the overall community of physicians and healers. Or are they? Hundreds of thousands have been spent thus far showing dandelion’s promise. But several hundred thousand more are needed to complete a “gold standard” study.

to be continued.

Doctor Otto Warburg

Cancer’s Cause, Prevention and Cure:

Dr. Otto Warburg’s 1931 Nobel-Prize-Winning Discovery

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, with a double doctorate in chemistry and medicine, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931, and died in Berlin in 1970. Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level. He further proved that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. Damaged cell respiration causes fermentation, resulting in low pH (acidity) in the cells. Cancer cells maintain an acidic pH, as low as 6.0, due to lactic acid production and elevated CO2. DR. WARBURG PROVED THAT CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN ALKALINE BODY (pH 7.36). Oxygen is directly related to pH. The higher the pH,  the higher the concentration of oxygen molecules.

A normal healthy takes in oxygen to convert glucose into energy. But in the absence of oxygen, the cell must nourish itself by converting glucose through fermentation. This produces lactic acid and lowers the cell pH (making it more acidic) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division. The cancer cells multiply rapidly and do not compensate by dying more rapidly. The lactic acid also causes  local pain as it destroys cell enzymes. Cancerous tumours appear as a rapidly growing external cells covering a core of dead cells.

In his speech “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer“, Dr. Warburg stated that “nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause is. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention.” 

Preventing cancer is better than curing it

Dr. Otto Warburg

La Causa, la Prevencion y la Cura para Cancer: el decubrimiento que gano el Premio Nobel de Medicina en 1931.

Según el Dr. Warburg, el cáncer es la consecuencia de una alimentación antifisiológica y un estilo de vida anti fisiológico

Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970). Premio Nobel 1931 por su tesis la causa primaria y la prevención

En el año 1931 el científico Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970) recibió el premio Nobel por descubrir la causa primaria del cáncer en su tesis “La causa primaria y la prevención del cáncer“. Según el Dr. Warburg, el cáncer es la consecuencia de una alimentación antifisiológica y un estilo de vida antifisiológico.


Una alimentación antifisiologica (dieta basada en alimentos acidificantes y sedentarismo), crea en nuestro organismo un entorno de acidez y éste, a su vez, provoca la expulsión del oxígeno de las células. El Dr. Warburg afirmó:

  • “La falta de oxígeno y la acidosis son las dos caras de una misma moneda: cuando usted tiene uno, usted tiene el otro”.
  • “Las substancias ácidas rechazan el oxígeno; en cambio, las substancias alcalinas atraen el oxígeno”.
  • “Privar a una célula de oxígeno durante 48 horas puede convertirla en cancerosa”.
  • “Todas las células normales tienen un requisito absoluto para el oxígeno, pero las células cancerosas pueden vivir sin oxígeno (esta es una regla sin excepción)”.
  • “Los tejidos cancerosos son tejidos ácidos, mientras que los sanos son tejidos alcalinos”.

En su obra “El metabolismo de los tumores“, Warburg demostró que todas las formas de cáncer se caracterizan por dos condiciones básicas: la acidosis y la hipoxia (falta deoxígeno). También descubrió que las células cancerosas son anaerobias (no respiran oxígeno) y no pueden sobrevivir en presencia de altos niveles de oxígeno. En cambio, sobreviven gracias a la glucosa siempre y cuando el entorno este libre de oxígeno.

Por lo tanto, el cáncer no sería nada más que un mecanismo de defensa que tienen ciertas células del organismo para continuar con vida en un entorno ácido y carente de oxígeno. Las células sanas viven en un entorno alcalino y oxigenado, lo cual permite su normal funcionamiento. Una vez finalizado el proceso de la digestión, los alimentos generarán una condición de acidez o alcalinidad al organismo en función de la calidad de las proteínas, los hidratos de carbono, las grasas, los minerales y las vitaminas.

El resultado acidificante o alcalinizante se mide a través de una escala llamada PH, cuyos valores se encuentran en un rango de 0 a 14, siendo el PH 7 un PH neutro. Es importante saber cómo afectan a la salud los alimentos ácidos y alcalinos, ya que para que las células funcionen en forma correcta y adecuada su PH debe ser ligeramente alcalino. En una persona sana el PH de la sangre se encuentra entre 7,40 y 7,45. Tener en cuenta que si el PH sanguíneo cayera por debajo de 7 entraríamos en un estado de coma próximo a la muerte.

De acuerdo con lo expuesto aquí, se pueden generar dos listas de alimentos que acidifican y alcalinizan el organismo:

Alimentos que acidifican el organismo:

  • Azúcar refinada y todos sus productos (el peor de todos: no tiene ni proteínas, ni grasas, ni minerales, ni vitaminas; solo hidratos de carbono refinados que estresan al páncreas. Su PH es de 2,1, es decir, que es altamente acidificante).
  • Carnes (todas).
  • Leche de vaca y todos sus derivados.
  • Sal refinada.
  • Harina refinada y todos sus derivados (pastas, galletitas, etc.).
  • Productos de panadería (la mayoría contienen grasas saturadas, margarina, sal, azúcar y conservantes).
  • Margarinas.
  • Gaseosas.
  • Cafeína.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tabaco.
  • Medicinas.
  • Cualquier alimento cocinado (La cocción elimina el oxigeno y lo trasforma en ácido) inclusive las verduras cocinadas.
  • Todo lo que contenga conservantes, colorantes, aromatizantes, estabilizantes, etc: todos los alimentos envasados.

Constantemente la sangre se encuentra autorregulándose para no caer en acidez metabólica, de esta forma garantiza el buen funcionamiento celular, optimizando el metabolismo. El organismo debería obtener de los alimentos las bases (minerales) para neutralizar la acidez de la sangre de la metabolización, pero todos los alimentos ya citados aportan muy poco y en contrapartida desmineralizan el organismo, sobre todo los refinados. Hay que tener en cuenta que en el estilo de vida moderno estos alimentos se consumen todos los días del año.

Alimentos Alcalinizantes (Saludables y favorables a la vida)

  • Todas las verduras crudas producen una reacción alcalinizante.
  • El limón tiene un PH aproximado de 2.2, pero dentro del organismo tiene un efecto altamente alcalinizante (el más poderoso de todas las frutas).
  • Semillas: aparte de todos sus beneficios, son altamente alcalinizantes, como por ejemplo las almendras.
  • La miel (es altamente alcalinizante).
  • La clorofila de las plantas (de cualquier planta) es altamente alcalinizante (sobre todo el aloe vera).
  • El agua es importantísima para el aporte de oxigeno “La deshidratación crónica es el estresante principal del cuerpo y la raíz de la mayor parte de las enfermedades degenerativas” afirma el Dr. Feydoon Batmanghelidj
  • El ejercicio oxigena todo tu organismo, el sedentarismo lo desgasta.

El Doctor George w. Crile, de Cleverand, uno de los cirujanos más importantes del mundo declara abiertamente: “Todas las muertes mal llamadas naturales no son más que el punto terminal de una saturación de ácidos en el organismo”. Contrario a lo anterior es totalmente imposible que un cáncer prolifere en una persona que libere su cuerpo de la acidez, nutriéndose con alimentos que produzcan reacciones metabólicas alcalinas y aumentando el consumo del agua pura y que, a su vez, evite los alimentos que originan dicha acidez, y se cuide de los elementos tóxicos. En general el cáncer no se contagia ni se hereda…lo que se hereda son las costumbres alimenticias, ambientales y de vida que lo producen.”

Mencken escribió: “La lucha de la vida es en contra de la retención de ácido. El envejecimiento, la falta de energía, el mal genio y los dolores de cabeza, enfermedades del corazón, alergias, eczemas, urticaria, asma, cálculos y arteriosclerosis no son más que la acumulación de ácidos.”

El Dr. Theodore A. Baroody dice en su libro “Alkalize or Die” (alcalinizar o morir): “En realidad no importa el sin número de nombres de enfermedades. Lo que sí importa es que todas provienen de la misma causa básica: muchos desechos ácidos en el cuerpo” .

El Dr. Robert O Young dijo: “El exceso de acidificación en el organismo es la causa de todas las enfermedades degenerativas. Cuando se rompe el equilibrio y el organismo comienza a producir y almacenar más acidez y desechos tóxicos de los que puede eliminar, entonces se manifiestan diversas dolencias.

¿Y la quimioterapia?

La quimioterapia acidifica el organismo a tal extremo, que este debe recurrir a las reservas alcalinas de forma inmediata para neutralizar tanta acidez, sacrificando bases minerales (Calcio, Magnesio, Potasio) depositadas en huesos, dientes, uñas, articulaciones y cabellos. Es por ese motivo que se observa semejante degradación en las personas que reciben este tratamiento, y entre tantas otras cosas, se les cae a gran velocidad el cabello. Para el organismo no significa nada quedarse sin cabello, pero un PH acido significaría la muerte.

Dr. Otto Warburg

Otto Heinrich Warburg


De acordo com o Dr. Warburg, o cancro é o resultado de um alimentacao e um estilo de vida anti-fisiológica.


Prêmio Nobel 1931 para a sua tese a causa primária ea prevenção

Em 1931, o cientista Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970) recebeu o Prêmio Nobel por descobrir a causa primária de câncer em sua tese “A causa primária ea prevenção do câncer.” De acordo com o Dr. Warburg, o cancro é o resultado do estilo de vida antifisiológico anti-fisiológico e nutricional.

Por quê?

Uma fonte de anti-fisiológica (acidificantes dieta alimentar e inactividade física), cria um ambiente no nosso acidez corpo e este, por sua vez, faz com que a expulsão do oxigénio a partir das células. Dr. Warburg afirmou:

    “A falta de oxigênio e acidose são dois lados da mesma moeda: quando você tem um, você tem o outro.”
    “O oxigénio rejeitar substâncias ácidas, enquanto que substâncias alcalinas atrair oxigénio”.
    “Privar uma célula de oxigênio para 48 horas pode se tornar cancerosas.”
    “Todas as células normais têm uma exigência absoluta de oxigênio, mas as células cancerosas podem viver sem oxigênio (esta é uma regra sem exceção).”
    “Tecidos cancerosos são ácidos tecidos, enquanto que os tecidos normais são alcalinas.”

Em seu livro “O metabolismo dos tumores”, Warburg demonstrou que todas as formas de câncer são caracterizadas por duas condições básicas: a acidose e hipóxia (falta desoxigenado). Também descobriu que as células cancerosas são anaeróbicas (não respire oxigénio) e não podem sobreviver na presença de níveis elevados de oxigénio. Em contraste, a glucose sobreviver enquanto este ambiente isento de oxigénio.

Portanto, o câncer não seria nada mais do que um mecanismo de defesa que tem certas células do corpo para se manter vivo em um ambiente desprovido de oxigênio e ácido. As células saudáveis ​​vivem em um ambiente alcalino e oxigênio, que permite a operação normal. Uma vez que o processo de digestão, os alimentos gerar uma condição ácida ou alcalina no organismo, dependendo da qualidade de proteínas, hidratos de carbono, gorduras, minerais e vitaminas.

Acidificantes ou alcalinizantes O resultado é medido por uma escala chamada pH, cujos valores estão no intervalo de 0 a 14, pH 7 pH ser neutro. É importante saber como afecta a saúde alimentos ácidos e alcalinos, como para as células funcionem adequadamente e de forma adequada, o pH deve ser ligeiramente alcalino. Em uma pessoa saudável, o pH do sangue situa-se entre 7,40 e 7,45. Note que, se o pH do sangue caíram abaixo de 7 entraria em coma perto da morte.

Deste modo aqui descrito, podem gerar duas listas de alimentos e alcalinizou acidificar o corpo:

Os alimentos que acidificam o corpo:

    O açúcar refinado e todos os produtos de todos os piores (não tem proteína, sem gordura, sem minerais, vitaminas, carboidratos refinados apenas que o estresse no pâncreas. Seu PH é 2,1, ou seja, é altamente acidificantes).
    Carne (todos).
    Leite de vaca e todos os seus derivados.
    Sal refinado.
    Farinha refinada e todos os seus derivados (tortas, biscoitos, etc.).
    Produtos de padaria (a maioria contêm gorduras saturadas, margarina, sal, açúcar e conservantes).
    Qualquer alimento cozido (Cozinhar elimina oxigênio e transformada em ácido), incluindo legumes cozidos.
    Tudo o que contém conservantes, corantes, aromatizantes, estabilizantes, etc: todos os alimentos embalados.

Constantemente autorregulándose sangue não está a cair em acidose metabólica, assegurando assim o bom funcionamento das células, optimizando o metabolismo. O organismo deve obter bases alimentares (minerais) para neutralizar a acidez do sangue do metabolismo, mas, acima de todos os alimentos e contribui muito pouco e em troca desmineralizar corpo, especialmente refinado. Tenha em mente que o estilo de vida moderno estes alimentos são consumidos todos os dias do ano.

Alimentos alcalinizantes (saudável e favorável à vida)

    Todos os vegetais crus alcalinizantes produzir uma reação.
    O limão tem um pH de cerca de 2,2, mas em que o corpo tem um efeito altamente alcalinizantes (o mais potente de todos os frutos).
    Sementes: além de todos os seus benefícios, são altamente alcalinizantes, como amêndoas.
    Mel (altamente alcalinizantes).
    A clorofila em plantas (de qualquer planta) é altamente alcalinizante (especialmente vera aloe).
    A água é importante para o fornecimento de oxigênio “desidratação crônica é o principal órgão estressante e raiz da maioria das doenças degenerativas”, disse o Dr. Batmanghelidj Feydoon
    Exercício oxigena seu corpo inteiro, ele usa um estilo de vida sedentário.

Dr. George w. Crile, de Cleverand, um dos cirurgiões mais importantes do mundo declara abertamente: “Todas as mortes naturais misnamed são apenas o ponto final de uma saturação de ácidos no organismo.” Ao contrário do que o que precede é totalmente impossível para um cancro crescem no corpo de uma pessoa, para libertar a sua acidez, a produção de alimentos, alimentados com alcalinas reacções metabólicas e aumento do consumo de água pura, e que, por sua vez, evitar os alimentos que causam tais acidez, e cuidar dos elementos tóxicos. Câncer em geral não é contagiosa nem hereditária herdou … quais são os hábitos alimentares, ambientais e de vida que produzi-lo. “

Mencken escreveu: “A luta da vida é contra a retenção de ácido. O envelhecimento, a falta de paciência de energia, mau e dores de cabeça, doenças do coração, alergias, eczema, urticária, asma, rins e arteriosclerose são apenas a acumulação de ácidos. “

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody diz em seu livro “Alkalize or Die” (alcalinizar ou morrer): “Não importa os nomes incontáveis ​​das doenças O que importa é que todos eles vêm da causa raiz mesmo:. Muitos resíduos ácidos no corpo” .

O Dr. Robert Young disse: “O excesso de acidificação no organismo é a causa de todas as doenças degenerativas. Quando o equilíbrio é perturbado eo corpo começa a produzir e armazenar mais acidez e lixo tóxico que pode ser eliminado, então se manifestar de várias doenças.


E sobre a quimioterapia?

Quimioterapia acidifica o corpo, de tal forma que ela deve basear-se reservas imediatamente alcalinas para neutralizar a acidez tal, sacrificando minerais de bases (cálcio, magnésio, potássio) depositadas em ossos, dentes, unhas e cabelo, das articulações. É por isso que uma tal degradação é observada em pessoas que recebem este tratamento, e entre muitas outras coisas, eles deixam de lado o cabelo de alta velocidade. Para o corpo não significa nada perder cabelo, mas um pH ácido significar a morte.

Dr. Omar Moreno: Dairy Linked to Degenerative DiseasesDr. Omar Moreno: Lacteos Relacionados con Enfermedades DegenerativasDr. Omar Moreno: Le lait lié aux maladies dégénérativesDr. Omar Moreno: Leite ligado a doenças degenerativasМолоко Связанный с дегенеративных заболеваний Dr Omar Moreno: Qumësht E lidhur me sëmundjet degjenerative退行性疾病联系到牛奶


Dairy is linked with breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, obesity, allergies, osteoporosis and digestive problems. Dairy damages the arteries, causing varicose veins and contributing to the clogging of the coronary arteries. DEAR System Iridology can reveal if there is risk of damage to the coronary arteries over time. Consume calcium with good bio-availability,  such as from vegetables and appropriate supplements. Doctor Integral Ltda provides high quality calcium supplements.

Greetings and blessings

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Lacteos relacionados con cancer de seno, ovarios y próstata, obesidad, alergias, osteoporosis y problemas digestivos. Los lacteos dañan las arterias, causando varices y contribuyendo con el taponamiento de las arterias coronarias. La iridología de Sistema DEAR puede revelar si existe riesgo de daños a las arterias coronarias a largo plazo. Prefiera consumir calcio de buena biodisponibilidad como el de los vegetales y suplementos adecuado.  Doctor Integral Ltda ofrece suplementos de calcio de alta calidad. Para ver el articulo completo sobre los lacteos y los daños a la salud, visite

Tabla explicatoria de Medicina Natural de Sistema DEAR


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Newest Diabetes Drug Causes Cancer

Dr. Mercola explains that Merck’s newest Diabetes Drug, also the most popular drug prescribed by doctors for diabetes today, may cause tens of thousands of needless deaths before it is eventually pulled off the market and banned. The drug is designed to lower blood sugar, but it also inhibits your body’s natural tumour suppressant. Using this drug essentially allows any cancer cell to freely multiply since your body’s natural tumour suppressor has been blocked or invalidated.

Dr. Mercola reminds us that type 2 diabetes can be cured without any drug whatsoever. The patient only needs to regain his insulin sensitivity by eliminating all sugars and nearly all grains from his or her diet, and replacing these with high-fiber carbohydrates (green vegetables) and healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocado and olive oil.