Here are some recipes that are too good not to share. Warning: electric shock may occur if you attempt to eat your computer monitor! Go instead to your local organic grocer and make the recipes for yourself.

Newest Recipes

Trio of Raw Vegan Ceviche

Raw Vegan Ceviche Trio

Raw Vegan Pesto

Vegan Pizza

Vegan Cheezy Pizza



Juices, Smoothies and other Beverages

Kristina's Raw Coffee Alternative
Kristina’s Raw Coffee Alternative



Veronica's Banana Crepes
Veronica’s Banana Crepes



Soups and Appetisers

Raw Tomato Beet Carrot Soup
Raw Tomato Beet Carrot Soup



Kristina's Raw Tabouli
Kristina’s Raw Tabouli


Gourmet Meals

Raw Vegan Falafel
Raw Vegan Falafel




Berry Rhubarb Pie
Berry Rhubarb Pie

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