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Ducharme Brothers

Stephen Ducharme
Stephen Ducharme

This is my much older and much wiser brother. He is also my best friend and perhaps the only person alive that truly has my back, 100%. He’s the most loyal man on Earth, and the fairest man the business world has ever seen. He wouldn’t cheat you out of a nickel if his life depended on it. Not only have I improved myself in countless ways trying to be a little more like him, but he is definitely the main inspiration behind my (borderline obsessive) quest for wellness, and hence the number one reason for creating this Web site.

As a young boy, I always wanted to rid the world of migraines so that my big bro would never again have to suffer the worst pain known to man. The migraine was my nemesis, and I’ve spent a good number of years searching for and eventually developing a solution for this awful condition.

More recently, it was my brother that inspired me to drink more water… a LOT more water, which is useful for ridding the body of the toxins that we are bombarded with every day. And again it is he that inspires me to conduct exhaustive research on every health topic, then crystallize the knowledge down to a short, concise text. As I learned from my bro, sometimes those that write too much are hiding the fact that they can’t separate the essential facts from the fluff. Those that truly know are usually willing to give it to you straight, with no BS, such that the advice can withstand the scrutiny of a scientist with no departure from common sense.

Stephen is the President of American Health Inc., which specializes in helping the world to detoxify using saunas and steambaths.

Stephen Ducharme
Stephen Ducharme

Este es mi hermano mayor y más sabio. Él es también mi mejor amigo y tal vez la única persona viva que realmente tiene mi espalda, 100 %. Él es el hombre más leal en la Tierra, y el hombre más justo del mundo de los negocios. No sólo he mejorado mi mismo en innumerables formas tratando de ser un poco más como él, pero es sin duda el principal inspirador de mi búsqueda (media obsesiva) para la salud, y por lo tanto la razón número uno para la creación de este sitio web.

Cuando era niño, siempre quise para librar al mundo de las migrañas, para que mi hermano mayor no tuviera que sufrir el peor dolor conocido por el hombre. La migraña era mi enemigo, y he pasado mad de dos decadas buscando y, finalmente, encontrando una solución para esta condición horrible.

Más recien, mi hermano me inspiró a beber más agua… muchisimo más agua, lo cual es útil para librar el cuerpo de las toxinas que nos bombardean todos los días. Ademas, es el que me inspira para llevar a cabo una investigación exhaustiva sobre todos los temas de salud, para poder cristalizar el conocimiento a un texto breve y conciso. Aprendí de mi hermano, que a veces los que escriben demasiado esconden el hecho de que no pueden separar los hechos esenciales de la pelusa. Aquellos que verdaderamente conocen suelen estar dispuestos a darle un consejo claro que puede resistir el escrutinio de un científico sin salir del sentido común.

Stephen es el Presidente de American Health Inc., que se especializa en ayudar al mundo para desintoxicar usando saunas y baños de vapor.

Russell Brand

My uncle Luke just sent me a clip of a man I had never before heard of. For a second, I thought it was a British comedian and that I might require subtitles to understand his humour. As he rambled several poignant thoughts consecutively, I realized that this was no comedy bit, and–I must confess–I briefly suspected that he had been reading some of my own writings. But his voice echoed even the words from my new book, which is not yet published. So instantly I realized that this is no copycat. Quite simply he speaks aloud the very same thoughts and feelings that are inside all of us. It just so happens that he speaks these words with a very cool English accent. (Brilliant!!)

I fully expect that you will agree with Russell on every single point. If any part of Russell’s message seems strange, it is only because the media and society have together caused your inner voice to compete with zillions of superfluous messages.


Russell speaks of yoga and transcendental meditation as his two main tools for feeling a brief connection with God and with the universe. And he is exactly right: these are extremely powerful tools. But let me add that these tools are much simpler to use than most people believe.

In the case of yoga, there are millions of students being told erroneously that the word “yoga” means “to join”, a verb, implying that you must do something to connect yourself to the Universe. And one fallacy becomes two, because the students are then led to believe that the “connection” that they “achieved” during the yoga class is but a temporary one, requiring many visits to the yoga school, effectively selling yoga as an addictive drug.

So let me clarify that yoga means oneness or unity and it is your very essence. There is absolutely no action required to connect yourself to the divine Universe. Your only task is to become fully aware of your connectedness.

That brings us to transcendental meditation. Again, this is commonly “sold” by some “masters” that would prefer to have many students coming back to them for more and more. But in reality, nothing could be simpler than meditation, because to meditate simply means to observe, as intently and profoundly as possible. Intently is the opposite of accidentally, and profoundly is the opposite of superficially, so the only kind of observation that doesn’t qualify as meditation is the kind of observation that we typically do throughout most of the day using the five notorious senses. (I’ve written an article on these already, so I’ll dig it up and post it here shortly.)

Russell calls these same famous senses “the limited senses” and again, he is right. The eyes see but a tiny fraction of the total light energy that surrounds us, while the vast majority usually goes unnoticed.  Ditto for the other four commonly-exploited senses that keep us chasing our proverbial tail… if we continue to focus on just that which is being sold, we will continue to miss the majority of reality, and we will perpetually feel empty, desiring more stimulation.

Profound observation elegantly solves this problem! By diverting one’s attention away from the noise of the media and society (as simple as turning off all electronics) one is left with only  the sound of one’s inner voice plus the zillions of messages previously recorded in our minds by the media and society.  And even though this may initially seem overwhelming, I assure you that before long you will have no trouble distinguishing your innermost thoughts from the outermost, and thus the massive housekeeping chore gets lighter and lighter, and this lightening is where the transcendence comes in. All meditation, when done correctly, is transcendental. Your consciousness will expand irreversibly. You do not need a more complicated strategy to achieve transcendence. Simply stick with the profound observation for as long as possible and do it frequently.

By living a life of meditation or prayer,  you will effectively distill the mental mayhem down to just the core truths, the same ones that Russell and I speak of… about love being the most important part of life, about kindness being the surest way to feel good, about focusing on abundance and cooperation instead of scarcity and competition… I’ve “known” Russell for a total of ten minutes, but I am absolutely sure that neither of us will ever claim a patent on these ideas, because they are the very same thoughts and feelings that persist in the heart and soul of every single human being.



Loren Lockman on the body's reaction to eating cooked food

Gourmet Meals

In this video, Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Wellness Center answers the question “what happens to the human body on eating cooked food?”

Does eating cooked food affect the body’s temperature?

It does. Normal body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheight or 37 Celsius. But normal means, not healthy, but average. Is this the healthy temperature?
Not necessarily.

Every time that you put cooked food in your body, your body says “something is wrong” and there is an immune response.

This was proven in an experiment about 80 years ago, where the same group of people were fed at different times both raw and cooked food. The result was that, each time a person ate cooked foods, the scientists observed the condition known as leucocytosis, the process by which the body sends white blood cells to the site of an injury.

Prior to this study, scientists were not aware that this process occured during digestion, so a new term was coined: “digestive leucocytosis”. But this condition did NOT occur when the same people ate raw food.

In a later study, scientists in Sweden showed that when we cook anything, we create acrylamide, a known carcinogen. The scientists were actually trying to understand why people that work with this chemical did not have any increased propensity to cancer. The researchers found that the reason for the lack of increased risk is due to the fact that nearly everyone exposes themselves to this chemical on a daily basis!

If you are consuming cooked carbohydrates, you are consuming (according to the U.S. goverment) up to 100 times the “safe” quantity of acrylamide.

Although the government claims that there is in fact a “safe” amount of a toxic carcinogen, Loren and I beg to differ: there is no safe quantity.

Loren asks “might this be the reason that cancer has been growing so rapidly?… Well [the constant exposure to carcinogens] certainly plays a major role”.

Every time you eat cooked food, your intelligent body says “oh this is toxic!”, and responds as though it has been poisoned… but only because it has!

To contact Loren, please visit

Raisa MarRaisa MarRaisa MarRaisa Mar

Raisa Mar Iridescent Water

This brilliant Panamanian artist never ceases to amaze with her photographic and culinary creations. Raisa is self-taught, and has expressed her artistic inclination from a young age. She is passionate about many things, but in particular, her love of water has led her to create stunning images that will inspire in may others a love affair with this most vital and precious resource. Raisa is the chef and designer of the Terrae Organic Restaurant in Panama City. By design, the restaurant is as sustainable as possible: water used to wash vegetables, and even the water left behind by customers, is given to plants rather than wasted.

Water, by Raisa Mar
Water, by Raisa Mar


Esta brillante artistas panameña nunca deja de asombrar con sus creaciones fotograficas y culinarias. Raisa es autodidacta, ya ha expresado su inclinacion artistica desde una temprana edad. Ellas se apasiona por muchas cosas, pero en particular, su amor por el agua le ha guiado a crear impresionantes imágenes que inspiren en muchos un enamoramiento con este recurso tan vital y precioso. Raisa es el chef y creador del restaurante Orgánico Terrae de la Ciudad de Panamá. Por diseño, el restaurante es lo más sostenible posible: el agua utilizada para lavar las verduras, e incluso el agua dejado por los clientes, se da a las plantas en lugar de desperdiciar.

Water, by Raisa Mar
Agua, por Raisa Mar


Water, by Raisa Mar
Eau, par Raisa Mar


Water, by Raisa Mar
Agua, por Raisa Mar


Sr. Jane Ducharme

Mother Teresa

Sister Jane Ducharme
Sister Jane Ducharme


Like a second mother, my Aunt Jane was always present as a role model, teacher and friend. She lives by the example of Jesus, as a servant to the poor, and lovingly passes on the wisdom of Mother Teresa and of her own mother, Theresa, my grandmother.

Jane is a devoted Catholic Nun, a committed sister to her siblings, and a loving aunt, and a compassionate teacher to thousands of students, whom she loves as her own children. She does everything with love. She promotes good health, using good food and laughter as medicine.

Aunt Jane inspired me to pursue wellness and healing at a very early age. She taught me that physical ailments can be cured with natural, non-toxic methods such as strategic body manipulation. This inspired me to search for more ways to eliminate suffering. Jane is also the inventor of what is now called “the Emotional Freedom Technique” or “tapping”. But her system is better than tapping. Jane lovingly “plays the piano” on the back of a person that is stressed, and the stress melts away instantly.




Medicinal Cannabis

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN Special: Weed uncovers the value of smoked and vaporized cannabis in treating epilepsy, cancer and other diseases. The video still misses the important point that eating raw cannabis is more medicinal and without the risks associated with smoke inhalation.

Dr. William Courtney

According to Dr. William L Courtney, MD, Cannabis is a vegetable and is valuable for both the treatment, and the prevention of disease. Raw cannabis has no psychotropic properties and should be consumed preventatively. Dr. Courtney is fighting to make Cannabis legal worldwide.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Leonard Coldwell says “You could live off of only hemp and never have a deficiency. Hemp and hemp oil is the cure for cancer. It cures skin cancer in 3-7 days.”

Rick Simpson

The story of one Canadian that has made it his mission to help those in need. Rick has improved the lives of his fellow citizens without asking anything in return.

FDA to ban trans fats, will prevent more than 7,000 deaths per year

The FDA, often criticized for allowing toxic substances to be sold as food, is taking a major step toward preventing disease. Hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, will no longer be “Generally Recognized As Safe” or GRAS for short.

This means that manufacturers will no longer be allowed to sell them without first producing scientific proof that they are safe. And frankly, no one could prove such a thing, without resorting to fuzzy math, trickery, deceit and outright corruption.

In 2006, the New England Journal of Medicine published a review article entitle “Trans Fats and Cardiovascular Disease” wherein that the authors cautioned against even conducting a long-term trial, saying that it would be “unethical, given the adverse effects of trans fats on serum lipid levels and inflammation”.

Using hydrogenated oil instead of healthy oil helps the bottom line of the manufacturer by increasing the shelf life and lowering the cost of its products, but they are terrible for your body. Several studies have implicated trans fats in a variety of conditions like heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, ADHD and Alzheimer’s.

Trans Fat cause Heart Disease

The World Health Organization reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.

According to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian and others, in the April 16, 2006 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine:

“On a per-calorie basis, trans fats appear to increase the risk of Coronary Heart Disease more than any other macronutrient, conferring a substantially increased risk at low levels of consumption… In an analysis of nearly 140,000 subjects, a 2 percent increase in energy intake from trans fatty acids was associated with a 23 percent increase in the incidence of Coronary Heart Disease.

Prior to 2006, the FDA did not require manufacturers to disclose the inclusion of trans fats on labels of their packaged goods. Americans were consuming a large daily dose of a deadly toxin without so much as a tiny warning on the label. Since the FDA began requiring that trans fats be labeled, the food industry has dramatically reduced the amount of trans fats used in its products. According to the FDA, Americans consumed about 4.6 grams of trans fats per day in 2003 compared to about 1 gram per day in 2012.

Unfortunately, many products still contain these dangerous semi-solid oils and often people don’t read the labels, and some may not understand the dangers of trans fats.

If the FDA’s current motion is successful in effectively banning trans fats from manufactured foods, Americans are likely to suffer 20,000 fewer heart attacks per year, and about 7,000 untimely deaths from heart attacks will be prevented.  This measure, which is  long overdue, sadly won’t come into effect immediately.

The FDA made its decision to require trans fats to be labeled in 2003, but that measure did not come into effect until 2006.

Although I do applaud the FDA for eventually making the right moves on this particular toxin, one simply cannot afford to rely on the FDA for food safety in the predictable near future. When you go to the supermarket, it would be wise to bring a magnifying glass to help you scrutinize every item that you will feed to your family.  For the next undetermined time you must be on the lookout for trans fats under all its criminal aliases, including “partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil” , “margarine” and “shortening”.