Drink clean water

Drink plenty of pure water. Preferably mountain spring water.

Mountain spring water provides a tri-fold benefit:


  1. The pure water molecules themselves are used by every cell in the body, and are especially useful in eliminating toxins from the body;
  2. Trace minerals from the earth can help your body in other ways. Tap water typically contains dangerous toxins such as chlorine and fluoride, which pose multiple risks to your health.
  3. Mountain spring water is alive. That is to say, it is charged with the natural vibration of the Earth, which revitalizes us. Bottled water is dead by comparison. The book entitled The Secret Life of Water by Japanese Doctor Masaru Emoto, is filled with fascinating information and images. Dr. Emoto photographed water molecules under a microscope to show us how water from different sources may look the same to the naked eye and may even feel the same on the tongue, but the energy that each holds is dramatically different. If you don’t live near a mountain spring, the next-best-thing is to buy an excellent filter. The best ones will remove the chlorine and fluorine from your tap water, thereby eliminating the need for constantly consuming plastic bottles, which pollute the earth and can leach toxic chemicals into your body.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of nature’s most perfect beverages for humans. Coconut water is highly alkalizing. If you are able to get it straight from the coconut (especially the young, green ones), this may be even more beneficial to your health than drinking pure water. The reason is that although this may seem quite disturbing to consider, drinking pure water may not be able to increase your body’s overall hydration level. As Loren Lockman explains, “we are designed to get our water directly from raw vegetables, herbs and fruits”. Loren has spent three decades researching this subject matter. I asked him dozens of questions before I was able to come up with this synopsis: Human babies are born with about 80 percent water content. Then, little-by-little, as the child eats dried and cooked foods (which have a less than optimal water content), the body is systematically dehydrated as the organs of the body generously “donate” some of their water to allow the dried foods to be eliminated. So, over the years and decades, the overall percentage of water that makes up your body drops from eighty percent down to between fifty and sixty percent. If an adult can claim an overall hydration of 70%, she or he would be considered among the healthiest people alive. But that still falls short of the optimal hydration level. And unfortunately, even by drinking ten gallons of water per day, the overall hydration level will not increase. According to Lockman, the only way to effectively increase our water content is to first fast for a longer period (perhaps 45 days). This will allow the plaque in the intestines to be expelled. Only after the intestines are clean will  they once again be able to absorb the water from the raw fruits and vegetables that we consume. Any cooked or dried foods that we eat will restart the process of dehydrating the body.

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