Get wiggly!

Exercise and Stretch your Muscles

A crucial step in The Lotus Lifestyle is to get and stay wiggly.

Almost any physical activity will give you multiple benefits in your body, mind and soul. These benefits include strong muscles, weight control, increased self-esteem, balance and flexibility. Since your skin is an eliminative organ, any profuse sweating will purge environmental toxins through your skin.

To ensure that these benefits are life-long, choose a sport that you love to practice. But recognize that some sports are taxing on certain body parts while neglecting others. And some demand brute strength and lineal movements instead of fluid movements, with balance and flexibility. In other words, some forms of exercise will make you stronger, but less wiggly.

Among the best forms of exercise are swimming, yoga and martial arts such as tai chi and karate. With its thousands of postures, yoga will not neglect a single body part. It will promote strength, control and flexibility in all of your muscles, including the small stabilizing muscles, and importantly the heart and respiratory muscles. Martial arts will do the same, but with the added advantage of extra calories burned and (if it includes sparring) you will quickly learn to overcome stress.

Exercise is not the only way to get wiggly, but it is the one way to take charge of your own wiggliness.

The other option is a system that I developed to heal physical, mental and emotional illness without any effort on the part of the patient. Essentially it is a system of passive yoga, wherein I stretch, twist and wiggle the entire body to a very specific pulse. My system is highly effective against conditions like migraines, insomnia and anxiety. Very often, long-lasting results can be achieved in just one or two complete sessions.But for many people that live far from me, the treatment that I developed is not a feasible option. I therefore encourage you to try your best to get wiggly on your own. One final note on wiggliness: wiggly does not mean weak. It means that energy can pass freely throughout your body. Think of how a garden hose would react to your wiggling one end of it. In the relaxed state, your body should do roughly the same. If instead your body moves like a stick, then you have an energetic blockage that needs to be removed for optimal wellness.