Natural Medicine

The following are either plants or the natural substances contained in them. Usually it is best to consume the whole plant, due to the synergies between many natural chemicals that are present in the whole plant. In some cases it is advantageous to use an isolated vitamin or mineral. Please consult with your doctor on the pros and cons of either method.

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What follows is an alphabetica list of natural medicine, but I’ve pulled Tuleina to the top (and even given it a separate page) because of its special importance. Tuleina is not a plant or even a recipe of plants, but rather an entire system of natural medicine developed and passed down for thousands of years within the Kuna Tribe, which currently reside in both Panama’s San Blas Islands and in the jungle of Colombia. The Kuna Tribe are known to be without cancer or heart disease, mainly due to Tuleina, which includes a handful of herbs a dn fruits that you already know (such as cacao and basil), plus an unlimited number of plants that no one outside their tribe has ever heard of. I have therefore decided to create a separate page dedicated to the powerful system of healing and life preservation known as Tuleina.

Acacia caven

The leaves of this herb are healing and the seeds are used as a digestive. The leaves and stems of this herb have antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory, fever-reducing) and soothing properties. Essential oils can be extracted from the flowers.

Annatto – Bixa Orellana

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

The tocotrienols from annatto are currently being studied and they are thought to prevent cancer due to their anti-angiogenic effect. It is also used for the treatment of infections of microbial origin. It is combined with honey and milk of magnesia for the treatment of sore lips.

Annatto is a rich source of tocotrienols, antioxidants that are similar in structure and function to vitamin E.  Achiote dye is used as the acid antidote for cassava poison. The leaves, prepared in infusion, are also an excellent remedy to relieve prostatitis.

Aji – Capsicum annuum

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

The fruit is used to flavor food. Aji is used as a stimulant, digestive, appetizer, nerve tonic, laxative, disinfectant, rubefacient, carminative, antibacterial and ant-irritant. An anti-inflammatory, it may be used to treat burns. For disorders of the digestive and respiratory systems. Moderate anti-fungal activity. The leaves are used as an expectorant, against bronchitis, bleeding, burns and constipation. Seeds are used for certain heart conditions such as carditis, endocarditis, and pericarditis. To ease the sting of pepper, chew the leaf of the same plant and discard.

Aloe Vera – Savila

Aloe Vera

Aloe is excellent for healing wounds and dryness of the skin and hair. It has antibiotic, antiseptic and laxative properties. It helps the skin, the stomach, the kidneys and other organs. It is an excellent source of protein. Aloin is the yellow oil that is its most potent part of the plant. Those sensitive to this oil should remove the green skin, utilizing only the clear jelly-like substance both internally and externally.

Andrographis – “king of the bitters”

Antiviral, antibacterial, cooling, anti-inflammatory, protects the liver.

Apple – Malus domestica

Regulates the bowel, good tonic for the heart and circulation, improves digestion, laxative, high-fiber skin, Astringent, if the peel.

Alsauco – Sambucus nigra

It is one of the best sudorific (promotes sweating) is blood purifier. Presents diuretic properties to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation. As a tea to treat colds, flu, colds, catarrh and as a preventative measure for these conditions.

Anamú  – Petiveria alliacea

Used as antispasmic, diuretic, stimulant, sudorific and to alleviate menstrual problems. Also in arthritis, malaria, rheumatism, memory problems, as a local analgesic and anti-inflammatory with various skin conditions.

Ashwagandha – indian genseng

Promotes metabolic efficiency. In ayurveda it is used to promote mental and physical vitality and stamina.

Avocado – Persea Americana



Baking Soda – Sodium bicarbonate

It can be useful to consume pure sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) dissolved in water, to alkalize the body (including the blood, the urine and the tissues). A similar product called bicarbonate may be better for those wishing to avoid sodium. A half teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of pure water can be consumed every 2-4 hours. The baking soda will quickly change the ph of the stomach, which can help or cure conditions such as stomach ulcers and urinary tract infections. Baking soda has also been used to treat or cure cancer (see this video by Dr. Tullio Simoncini) and for eliminating kidney stones. Since acidic blood causes the bones to donate calcium and magnesium in an attempt to normalize the blood’s pH, alkalizing the blood with baking soda will allow your bones to keep their needed minerals, effectively halting osteoporosis and some cases of arthritis.

Basil – Ocimum basilicum

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Used for chronic stomach disorders and constipation. In you, for the nerves. In food, baths, and rubs. According to Tuleina (the natural medicine of the kuna tribe) basil is medicine for daily use for everyone. Some of its benefits can be achieved incredible just smelling its delicious fragrance.

Foods Highest in Iron
Foods Highest in Iron

Basil contains the highest level of iron of all foods. The following graph shows that basil contains 35 times more iron than red meat.

Balsam apple – Momordica charantica

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

A climbing vine herb that produces showy fruits looking like a lemon. In tea: for diabetes. The cooked leaves are used to reduce blood sugar. In baths: for allergies. The Indians used the cooked  fruit to cure bronchitis. But the seeds are very poisonous alkaloid containing momordicina, which some South American tribes used to poison their arrows. The choco know the abortifacient effects of their roots.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In baths: against headache


For a healthy inflammatory response.

Bitter brush

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for colic

Bitter Cane  – Costus spicatus / Costus allenii maas

It is also used to increase urine production and elimination of waste substances, develops an interesting anti-inflammatory action on the urinary organs recommended in case of nephritis, kidney stones and inflammation of the bladder (cystitis). Increases when menstruation is scarce.

Contains a bittersweet juice that is refreshing and effective for cleaning the liver, and reducing intestinal inflammation. A cup is slightly purgative.  Highly decongestant. A decoction of the stem has hipoglucemianes properties, stabilizing blood sugar for several days after consumption.

Bracken fern – Pteridium aquilinum

It is considered useful to reduce heavy menstrual periods. In other areas such as Andalusia this plant has been used on occasion as antidiarrheal and vermifuge.

Cacao – Cacaotero Theobroma

Liquid Chocolate, made from the Cacao FruitThe seeds, leaves and roots contain alkaloids theobromine and caffeine which has diuretic and vasodilator. Antitumor activity was found in the root and bark. The seeds contain fat (cocoa butter) are used in pharmacy as an emollient and for making ointments and creams. Dry skin, burns, dandruff, dysentery, measles, snakebite. Diuretic effect of theobromine is accompanied by an inflammatory action on the kidney have therefore recommended in cases of nephrosis and nephritis. Overall, cocoa is slightly tonic and stimulant, although in large doses or in sensitive individuals, can cause insomnia and tachycardia.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Eat the (sweet) seeds: against cancer


These are the healing compounds found in the cannabis plant and produced by the human body:

  • Cannabigerol (E)-CBG-C5
  • Cannabigerol monomethyl ether (E)-CBGM-C5 A
  • Cannabinerolic acid A (Z)-CBGA-C5 A
  • Cannabigerovarin (E)-CBGV-C3
  • Cannabigerolic acid A (E)-CBGA-C5 A
  • Cannabigerolic acid A monomethyl ether (E)-CBGAM-C5 A
  • Cannabigerovarinic acid A (E)-CBGVA-C3 A
  • Cannabichromene-type (CBC)
  • (±)-Cannabichromene CBC-C5
  • (±)-Cannabichromenic acid A CBCA-C5 A
  • (±)-Cannabivarichromene,
  • (±)-Cannabichromevarin CBCV-C3
  • (±)-Cannabichromevarinic acid A CBCVA-C3 A
  • Cannabidiol-type (CBD)
  • (−)-Cannabidiol CBD-C5
  • Cannabidiol momomethyl ether CBDM-C5
  • Cannabidiol-C4 CBD-C4
  • (−)-Cannabidivarin CBDV-C3
  • Cannabidiorcol CBD-C1
  • Cannabidiolic acid CBDA-C5
  • Cannabidivarinic acid CBDVA-C3
  • Cannabinodiol-type (CBND)
  • Cannabinodiol CBND-C5
  • Cannabinodivarin CBND-C3
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol-type (THC)
  • Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Δ9-THC-C5
  • Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol-C4 Δ9-THC-C4
  • Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin Δ9-THCV-C3
  • Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabiorcol Δ9-THCO-C1
  • Δ9-Tetrahydro-cannabinolic acid A Δ9-THCA-C5 A
  • Δ9-Tetrahydro-cannabinolic acid B Δ9-THCA-C5 B
  • Δ9-Tetrahydro-cannabinolic acid-C4 A and/or B Δ9-THCA-C4 A and/or B
  • Δ9-Tetrahydro-cannabivarinic acid A Δ9-THCVA-C3 A
  • Δ9-Tetrahydro-cannabiorcolic acid A and/or B Δ9-THCOA-C1 A and/or B
  • (−)-Δ8-trans-(6aR,10aR)-
  • Δ8-Tetrahydrocannabinol Δ8-THC-C5
  • (−)-Δ8-trans-(6aR,10aR)-Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid A Δ8-THCA-C5 A
  • (−)-(6aS,10aR)-Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • (−)-cis-Δ9-THC-C5
  • Cannabinol-type (CBN)
  • Cannabinol CBN-C5
  • Cannabinol-C4 CBN-C4
  • Cannabivarin CBN-C3
  • Cannabinol-C2 CBN-C2
  • Cannabiorcol CBN-C1
  • Cannabinolic acid A CBNA-C5 A
  • Cannabinol methyl ether CBNM-C5
  • Cannabitriol-type (CBT)
  • (−)-(9R,10R)-trans-Cannabitriol
  • (−)-trans-CBT-C5
  • (+)-(9S,10S)-Cannabitriol
  • (+)-trans-CBT-C5
  • (±)-(9R,10S/9S,10R)- Cannabitriol
  • (±)-cis-CBT-C5
  • (−)-(9R,10R)-trans-10-O-Ethyl-cannabitriol
  • (−)-trans-CBT-OEt-C5
  • (±)-(9R,10R/9S,10S)- Cannabitriol-C3
  • (±)-trans-CBT-C3 8,9-Dihydroxy-Δ6a(10a)- tetrahydrocannabinol
  • 8,9-Di-OH-CBT-C5
  • Cannabidiolic acid A
  • cannabitriol ester CBDA-C5
  • 9-OH-CBT-C5 ester
  • (−)-(6aR,9S,10S,10aR)-
  • 9,10-Dihydroxy-hexahydrocannabinol,
  • Cannabiripsol
  • Cannabiripsol-C5
  • (−)-6a,7,10a-Trihydroxy-
  • Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol
  • (−)-Cannabitetrol
  • 10-Oxo-Δ6a(10a)- tetrahydrocannabinol OTHC
  • Cannabielsoin-type (CBE)
  • (5aS,6S,9R,9aR)- Cannabielsoin CBE-C5
  • (5aS,6S,9R,9aR)- C3-Cannabielsoin CBE-C3
  • (5aS,6S,9R,9aR)- Cannabielsoic acid A CBEA-C5 A
  • (5aS,6S,9R,9aR)- Cannabielsoic acid B CBEA-C5 B
  • (5aS,6S,9R,9aR)- C3-Cannabielsoic acid B CBEA-C3 B
  • Cannabiglendol-C3 OH-iso-HHCV-C3
  • Dehydrocannabifuran DCBF-C5
  • Cannabifuran CBF-C5
  • Isocannabinoids
  • (−)-Δ7-trans-(1R,3R,6R)- Isotetrahydrocannabinol
  • (±)-Δ7-1,2-cis- (1R,3R,6S/1S,3S,6R)- Isotetrahydro-cannabivarin
  • (−)-Δ7-trans-(1R,3R,6R)- Isotetrahydrocannabivarin
  • Cannabicyclol-type (CBL)
  • (±)-(1aS,3aR,8bR,8cR)- Cannabicyclol CBL-C5
  • (±)-(1aS,3aR,8bR,8cR)- Cannabicyclolic acid A CBLA-C5 A
  • (±)-(1aS,3aR,8bR,8cR)- Cannabicyclovarin CBLV-C3
  • Cannabicitran-type (CBT)
  • Cannabicitran CBT-C5
  • Cannabichromanone-type (CBCN)
  • Cannabichromanone CBCN-C5
  • Cannabichromanone-C3 CBCN-C3
  • Cannabicoumaronone CBCON-C5

Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica


Cannabis is an herb that may also be considered a vegetable when its leaves and flowers are eaten in salads or juiced along with other essential nutrients. Its active ingredients, cannabinoids, may be concentrated into capsules and are prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacists as medicine for cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, glaucoma, chronic pain, insomnia, anorexia and many more diseases. (Many argue that the commercially-produced concentrations of THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis, is not nearly as effective, most probably due to the absence of dozens of other cannabinoids present in the whole plant. These substances seem to work together synergistically.

The non-medicinal cousin of cannabis (hemp) also serves as food, good source of omega-3 lipids and amino acids.Cannabis has been outlawed as an illegal recreational drug in some countries during the last century. Do not use any prohibited substance. Go through proper legal channels instead. Many jurisdictions permit the use of cannabis for health purposes. If yours does not, inform your lawmakers about the unequalled nutritious and medicinal properties of cannabis.


Carotenoids are antioxidants that include vitamin A, lycopene, and beta-carotene. They help protect your eyes and skin from sun damage. Best food sources: carrots, butternut squash, and spinach. DV: 2,310IU for vitamin A.

Cashew – Anacardium occidentale

Strengthens the brain. It contains large amounts of vitamin C and has m 伃 tiples medicinal uses. The cooking of the bark and leaves are used to treat stomach cramps, inflammation, insomnia, neuralgia, diabetes, malaria and haemorrhoids. Its resin is used to heal wounds and to cut 疣 eas c treatment 疣 cer and roasted seeds are very nutritious and contain aphrodisiac properties. external application of the juice of the pulp, is considered useful in the treatment of corns, calluses, warts, eczema and psoriasis.

Castor Oil Plant – Ricinus communis L.

Its oil is used to combat digestive disorders, “erysipelas” matrix swelling flu, stomach pains, wounds, inflammations, abscesses, rheumatism and as a purgative. However, it can be toxic because it contains “alkaloids”, which can be poisonous. The leaves can be used as “poultice” to relieve rheumatic pain. May also help reduce fever.

Wikipedia lists possible hepatoprotective, antimicrobial, analgesic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and central nervous system effects. At low doses, the extract improved memory consolidation. At high doses mice died.

Mercola recommends proceeding with caution due to possible side effects, but he lists possible uses as gastrointestinal and genitourinary problems, all types of infections, and pain and inflammation, and  stimulation of the immune system. He notes that scientists are exploring the use of ricinas as an antitumor agent. He further notes that castor oil may be more effective for strengthening the lymphatic system when it is applied topically.

Cedron – Lippia citriodora

Stomach tonic, sedative, carminative and antineuralgic. Leaves in favor infusion is difficult digestion and nerve pain reliever.

Chinese scullcap

Antiinflamatory and anti-arthritic.

Cinnamon – Cinnamonum zyelanensis

Carminative, astringent, aromatic, stimulating, local antisticas spasm  l ic, antidiarrheal, antifungal and antihelm  policies. Alone or in combination with other herbs in flatulent dyspepsia, intestinal colic and is particularly useful in childhood diarrhea. Occasionally, hypersensitivity reactions may occur.

Coca Tree

The juice of the bark is used as a powerful laxative and emetic for bile duct cleaning, should be handled with care as it can be harmful to not know its antidote.

It is given to women after giving birth. Dose is one leaf the size of the fingertip or less, depending on the strength of the person. For nausea, consider taking a small dose every two days. Repeat 15 times

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 is a cell-protector that has been linked with the prevention of migraines, which it may accomplish by guarding brain cells. The enzyme may also help lower blood pressure. Best food sources: lean beef, chicken breast, and fish (all types).

Contragavilana – Neurolaena lobata

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea or food: for diabetes and to prevent insect bites. (Dosage: Adult: a leaf. child: ¼ leaf). In Rub: keeps mosquitoes and soothes itchy bug bites.

Helps regulate glucose levels in the blood, helps diabetics control their disease. A tea made from the root is used to clean the blood and a leaf tea is used to treat intestinal worms, malaria, funghi and ringworm. It is also used to prevent infection and used as a hair wash to remove lice.

Coriander – Culantro

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Root tea: anti-nausea and vomiting. A quarter of a root is large enough for the nausea. But that sleepy.

Cotton – Gossypium Barbadense

For anti-hemorrhagic diseases and antihemostaticas, The corolla of the flowers of cotton is used in the tr  ico, in infusion, as an emollient and pectoral emmenagogue and as a beverage.

Cow’s foot tree – Bauhinia variegata

It is used for diabetes, is an antitussive, digestive and antiseptic gargle.

Dandelion – Taraxatum officinalis

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: against cancer. According to a study conducted at the University of Windsor, an infusion of dandelion root or leaves causes cancer cell apoptosis (cell suicide) while helping along or leaving healthy cells alone. It is stimulating gastric secretion, dandelion has been used for eye care. The infusion of dandelion is slightly diuretic, excellent for relieving fluid retention during menstruation.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In Baths for headaches and body pain

Eucaliptus – Eucalyptus globulus

Pulmonary facilitator, Bactericide, Anti-mucous. Diseases of the respiratory tract and urinary tract, internal use, in the form of infusions.


An adaptogenic herb that supports alertness, concentration and mental performance.

Fennel – Hinojo

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for the stomach for digestion (can be combined with fox weed)


An anti-inflammatory herb that is said to help prevent migraines.

Fox Weed

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for the stomach (digestion)

Frankinsense – Bosellia Serrata

Promotes blood circulation and tissue regeneration.



garlic - ajo

Ginger – Zinziber officinalis

Ginger is a stimulant and tonic, helps digestion, controls diarrhea and facilitates the expulsion of intestinal gas, stimulates circulation, removes pains, menstrual cramps and nausea. It may reduce rheumatism, and may break kidney stones or gallstones and ovarian cysts.


Glutathione is a protective antioxidant that occurs naturally in humans, animals and plants. It is one of the most important compounds in the cell, responsible for detoxification and protection from harmful substances since it freely donates an electron to any electron-deficient compound such as free radicals. According to Dr. Parris M. Kidd in her article entitled Glutathione: Systemic Protectant Against Oxidative and Free Radical Damage, depletion of Glutathione leads to cell death.

Guavito bitter

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In you cooked or infusion of leaf or twig in cold water or eating the leaf: against diabetes. Rub: to relieve bug bites (scorpions, spiders, mosquitoes …)


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for the stomach (combined with fox grass and fennel)

Guayaba Guava – Psidium guajava

Recommended for caries, swelling, bile, scarlet fever, vaginal bleeding, wounds, fever and dehydration. Exhaustion, malnutrition or weakness.

Haba Vicia faba

These decoctions serve to cleanse the kidneys and blood. Consumption of the beans helps prevent clogged arteries.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In baths: for pain in the body and to prevent hair loss

Immortal – Kalanchoe pinnata

Occidental functions: Anti-inflammatory, hemostatic 疸 ico, reduces swelling, promotes healing, Clears heat and cools the blood toxins, invigorates the blood.


These antioxidants stop some cancer-causing enzymes. Best sources: broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower.


A mineral that carries oxygen in red blood cells to the body’s cells. Foods that contain iron include basil, thyme, sage and others.


Jasmine – Jasminum officinale

Jasmine has antispasmodic, stimulant, antidepressant, antiseptic, and aphrodisiac properties. The essence of jasmine creates an atmosphere of relaxation and stimulates the senses. Not used during pregnancy.

Leaf of the Stem – Hoja de tallo

A sweep (barrida): for spider bite

Lemon – Citrus limon, L

Antiseptic, disinfectant and provides vitamins and minerals. It has a high content of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant for the use of vital energy, increases the activity of natural defenses, neutralizes toxins, increases iron absorption.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In tea or cold baths: for chills, and cold. (With you, use or peel or pulp, not both.

Linden – Tilo

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: against nervousness

Llanten – Plantago lanceolata,L

To heal wounds and soothe sore ears, sore throat, and heal colds, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and to treat conjunctivitis.

Magnolia bark

Healthy stress response, antiangiogenetic (may be useful against cancer).

Maidenhair – Adiantum capillus-veneris

Used as an adjunct in the treatment of respiratory conditions. Expectorant. The maidenhair will act directly on bronchial epithelium, exerting an irritating effect and increasing the production of bronchial alveolar secretions.

Miona Weed

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for kidneys (combined with chayote)

Malva – Malva sylvestris

For skin conditions, intestinal transit regulator, sore throat, chest pain, cough, A part of medicinal values, is a plant rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Mamey – Mammea americana

Antibiotic properties are attributed to him, but it is a fruit not tolerated by all people, little by little start to see how it feels, can stomach ache. have insecticidal properties in popular applications was used to treat scalp infections, diarrhea, digestive problems and vision

Mangostan – Gardinia mangostana

Prevents hardening of the arteries and helps the heart function. Considered anti Parkinson and Alzheimer anti, very good for the central nervous system. Also attributed antidepressant qualities. It is a powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral also. Blood purifier, used for blood pressure, as well as to reduce blood sugar and blood lipids. Increases immunity, is considered anti-inflammatory, even for the joints.

Mastranto – Mentha rotundifolia

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for the stomach (gas). Relieves digestive disorders, eye problems and halitosis (bad breath).

Melisa – Melissa officinalis, L

A melissa-based ointment for patients with Alzheimer’s causes a beneficial effect on patients’ agitation and gastrointestinal disorders, stimulates bile secretion. And to make drinks, teas, and teas with milk, tortillas, and salads.

Mexican Holy Thistle – Argemone mexicana L.

It contains a milky juice, yellow, narcotic, which has been used as a purgative, for skin problems such as warts.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

For toothaches. Chewing a leaf where pain occurs, and throw the sheet (do not swallow saliva).

Mugwort – Artemesia vulgaris, L

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Used to combat nervous system disorders, insomnia and disorders of the menstrual cycle in women. Te: for colic (maximum dose: 2 boiled leaves or just 1 leaf in a cold infusion. More than that can cause nausea.)


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for bone pain

Niacin – Vitamin B3

A vitamin essential for carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Example of foods that contain Niacin are poultry, fish, beef, peanut butter, legumes, and whole or enriched grain products.

Nightshade – Solanum nigrum

Plant analgesic, applied by external processes used to cut fever, acute inflammation of bronchi, and in extreme cases, also used as a poultice for skin disorders such as psoriasis or hemorrhoids

Noni – Morinda citrifolia

Addictions, tumors, ulcers, sunburn, AIDS, allergies, arthritis, asthma, better circulation, colds, cough, depression, diabetes, migraine, muscle pain, infections, liver cancer, kidney cancer, colic menstrual.

Nutmeg – Myristica fragrans

It has carminative, stimulant and tonic and is used to relieve digestive problems.

Oleylethanolamine (OEA)

A fatty acid found in some foods that sends a strong signal to the brain to stop eating. A powerful satiety factor and appetite suppressant.

Omega-3 Oil

A type of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid associated with protection from cardiovascular disease.

Oregano-Mejorana – Origanum majorana,L


Marjoram is mostly used against digestive disorders as it stimulates the gastric secretion to revive the appetite and carminative properties. Also has sedative properties and is used as an infusion for the treatment of autonomic disorders. It is frequently used for flavoring meals.

Myrtle tree: Eugenia uniflora L

With the leaves can prepare an infusion of diuretic properties, digestive and anti-diarrheal, the decoction of the bark is used for angina and other conditions of the throat.

Lemon grass: Cymbopogon citratus

Lemon grass is taken mainly for diarrhea, relieves stomach pain. Relaxes muscles and intestines, soothes flatulence and is particularly good for children.

Nettle (Urtica manioc, L)

It is used to treat liver disease and bile. It is used as adjuvant in the treatment of diabetes and is also considered effective in the treatment of prostate disorders.

Ortiga mayor – Urtica dioca, L

It is used to treat liver disease and bile. It is used as adjuvant in the treatment of diabetes and is also considered effective in the treatment of prostate disorders.

Paico – Chenopodium ambrosioides

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Te: against parasites. For its known action antiespasmica (lso serves to calm spasms) and carminative (helps gas expulsion), is used to relieve digestive discomfort, gas and colic for expelling intestinal worms. It is also used as a vulnerary (alcoholic medicine for healing sores and wounds).



Combat constipation as it acts as a mild laxative. Streamlines external and internal scarring (eg gastric ulcers). Papaya provides tanning because it contains large amount of Retinina (facilitates the action of melanin). Eliminates intestinal parasites. It also helps eliminate amoebae that are responsible for many chronic diarrhea as their fresh seeds are rich in a nutrient called Carpasemina. Strengthens immunity thanks to its high content of Vitamin C.

Path-runner – Corre-camino

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In Baths: to decrease veins

Peppermint – Mentha piperita

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: against headaches, dizziness. And intestinal infectious fevers: colibacillosis: blood infections: typhoid and gastric fevers, fevers of the biliary tract, malaria, Malta fever, fever of tuberculosis; convalescence. Shortens typhoid; regulator heart when irregular heart

Piperine (BioPerine)

For a healthy inflammatory response. Piperine is also known as BioPerine. Piperine gives peppers their spicy taste. It is extracted from Piper Nigrum L (black pepper) and Piper longum L (long pepper). This  nutritional supplement increases the absorption of a other nutrients. It may also have immune-suppressing, tumor-inhibiting, and antidepressant effects. It may enhance the effect of certain other drugs, which could be dangerous in some cases.


Researchers at Columbia University studied 980 people and found that those who drank three glasses of wine a day rich in flavonoids, a polyphenol-were less likely to develop memory loss, problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In a laboratory study at the Leeds Dental Institute in the UK, cocoa polyphenols reduced the growth of two types of bacteria that can trigger gum disease. Of course, wine and chocolate can also contribute to health problems, including obesity, which has been associated with certain types of cancer. Enjoy in moderation. For wine, no more than one glass of wine a day for women or two for men. The best sources of polyphenols: black chocolate, red wine, tea and coffee. Buy organic brands to avoid harmful pesticides, which have been linked to autism, premature birth, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, behavioral disorders and weight gain.



Protandim is the brand name for a combination of 5 common herbs that each has antioxidant properties: Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Curcumin (Turmeric), Green tea, and Milk Thistle. These are all excellent herbs and can be bought together or separately. There are many other herbs and berries that have potent antioxidant properties, including basil, thyme, oregano, blueberries, goji berries, acai berries, pomegranate, noni, and many more. Antioxidants protect the cells from oxidative stress.


An adaptogenic tonic that promotes high mental performance coupled with calm emotions.

Ruda – Ruta graveolens, L

Amenorrhea. Gastrointestinal spasms. Parasites. Varicose veins, hemorrhoids. Externally, to treat vit 匀 igo and leukoderma, subjecting patients to controlled ultraviolet radiation.

Salvia – Salvia communis

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Sheet applied directly to the forehead against headaches. In bathrooms: for headache and chills. Facilitates menstruation and acts beneficially on the circulatory system in general. Liver and kidney disorders, fever and infections, circulatory problems, stomatitis, gingivitis (gum sensitive).


Adaptogenic and liver-protective. Stimulates the central nervous system without causing over-excitation.


This mineral is an antioxidant and accelerates the natural formation of antioxidants in your body. Best sources: Brazil nuts (95.8 mcg per fruit), snapper (41.6 mcg every 3 ounces) and shrimp (33.7 mcg every 3 ounces).

Square – Cuadrado

una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In baths: against swelling



Stevia is a natural herb known to be about 1000 times sweeter than sugar, but without affecting the blood glucose level at all.

Tamarindo – Tamarindus indica

The medicinal properties of tamarind is used as ayurvedic medicine for digestion problems or stomach. It is also an effective laxative, which can help in cases of persistent constipation.

TOTUMO or TAPARO – Cresentia cujete

The decoction of this was used in folk medicine against respiratory diseases. The leaves and fruit are attributed analgesic, antiseptic, aperient, soothing inflammations, emmenagogue, 骋 em ic, expectorant, pectoral, purgative, restorative, sudorific, vermifuge and vulnerary.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

In baths of cooked leaves: against spasms

Vanilla – Vanilla planifolia

Vanilla is used primarily as a flavoring for ice creams, chocolates and other desserts, are attributed digestive properties, tranquilizers, aphrodisiac, antipyretic 骋 ic.


una planta medicinal organica en El Valle de Antón, Panama

Tea: for nervousness

Violet leaves – Saintpaulia ionantha

Skin yu ___ s: is used to hydrate the skin on the body, face, hands and feet. Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles in mature skin.

Vitamin A

See carotenoids.

Vitamin B1  — Thiamine

A vitamin essential for carbohydrate metabolism (energy production).

Vitamin B2 — riboflavin

Vitamin B3 — niacin

A vitamin essential for carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Example of foods that contain Niacin are fish, peanut butter, legumes, and some grain products.

Vitamin B5 — pantothenic acid

Vitamin B6  — pyridoxine and pyridoxamine

Essential for the manufacture of amino acids and red blood cells. Foods that contain Vitamin B6 include fortified cereals and sweet potatoes

Vitamin B7 — biotin

Vitamin B9 — folate or folic acid

Vitamin B12  — cobalamin

Essential for energy and amino acid production. Examples of foods that contain Vitamin B12 include meat and dairy foods.

Vitamin C

This famous antioxidant protects DNA and helps the body use vitamin E more efficiently. Research has shown that Vitamin C has a talent for protecting blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Best sources: papaya (187.9 mg per fruit), peppers (119 mg per cup) and broccoli (81.2 mg per cup). DV: 75 milligrams.

Vitamin E

Another famous antioxidant that fights heart disease, boosts immunity and helps stop cell damage that leads to skin cancer. It also reduces wrinkles. Best food sources: sunflower seeds (10.3 mg per ounce), hazelnuts (4.3 mg per ounce), and peanut butter (2.9 mg per 2 tablespoons). DV: 15 milligrams.

Wild strawberry

A recovery drink for people 驽 an ic and nerve. They are also effective in intestinal inflammation and diarrhea. The leaves are fermented 疣 suced ty e or snacks. They are also effective against kidney stones.


Medicinal mushrooms, gotu kola, chinese baikal scullcap, rabdosia, milk thistle, chaga, turmeric, green tea, grape seed and skin, quercetin, rosemary, holy basil, russian leuzia, suma, mumie, royal jelly, korean ginseng.