The Lotus Lifestyle

lotus lifestyleYour body, mind and soul are one.  This one-ness is your being. The three are so inextricably bound, they are you. While many ailments may affect one or more aspects of your being, most are the result of living out of harmony with your being, your nature. Wellness is achieved by living in balance.  Below I present a lifestyle that will provide that balance, and thus prevent or cure almost any conceivable disease. It will take some dedication and commitment to reverse decades of toxic accumulation and bad habits. But the blueprint that I provide here contains amazing restorative powers. Wellness is well within your reach. If you adopt a lifestyle of wellness by making better decisions every day, then you are much less likely to require the help of a doctor or a hospital. Preventing disease is the key. And it’s relatively easy to accomplish if you begin to take charge now.  Start this moment. Here are the eight simple steps:
  • Step 1. Be Wiggly: You were wiggly even before you were born. As wiggliness dwindles, so does wellness. So do whatever you can to reclaim your wiggliness… Sing! Dance! Practice moving like the wind and like water. Your body and mind are one, so moving your body unlocks your mind. The best exercises encourage fluid motions throughout your entire body, such as yoga, martial arts and swimming. In short, choose the exercises that help you get and stay wiggly.
  • Step 2. Breathe deeply and slowly. Aim to spend as much time as possible in areas of clean air. Ideally, you will be far removed from contaminating factories. You will install good air filters in your home and office. Clean fresh air is the number one nutrient, and it is essential to wellness. Now breathe that clean air deeply and slowly.
  • Step 3. Go out in the sun! Getting adequate sunlight on your skin is absolutely vital to your health, so make sure that you get at least 15 minutes of sunlight on your body each day, preferably around sunrise or sunset to avoid the strongest mid-day rays that are more likely to burn you.
  • Step 4. Bathe in clean water!  Chlorine and other toxins found in city water supplies can be absorbed through the skin. Do not drink or bathe in low quality, contaminated or “dead” water. A Japanese scientist proved that water loses much of its life-giving properties when it becomes stagnant. Ideally, you would drink and bathe in living water directly from a crisp mountain spring. But if you can’t then do the next best thing by installing an excellent filter, rather than relying on bottled water, which is often as contaminated as tap water, and sometimes even worse due to plastic materials leaching into the water from the bottle, messing up the body’s natural hormonal balance.
  • Step 5. Eat a plant-based diet: Alkalize your body with raw organic herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Going raw vegan is not what most people think that it is. Raw vegans feast on virtually limitless options for tastes and textures, while enjoying a much higher energy level, with virtually no disease.
  • Step 6. Detoxify: Even if you eat correctly by avoiding GMO’s, pesticides, and the antibiotics and hormones in animal products, some toxins are sure to sneak their way into your body… so it’s wise to keep a rough count of how many toxins are coming in on a daily basis compared to how many are going out. Your body will eliminate some of these toxins naturally, but the rest will require a specific effort to get rid of. Otherwise, they will accumulate in your tissues and eventually cause disease. Fortunately there are many ways to detoxify, and many of the methods are downright pleasurable, like a relaxing massage or laying in a sauna.
  • Step 7. Meditate or pray: Open your mind and your heart to the divine truth that penetrates you and the entire universe. The more profoundly you observe everything, the more your consciousness can evolve, and this will lead you to be healthier and happier.
  • Step 8. Rest: Focus more on the quality of your sleep rather than the quantity. And pay attention to your dreams, since this one aspect of sleep is by far the most overlooked and it can bring benefits beyond your present belief.
  • Love: This is not step 9. It is the most important element in all the other steps. Love is your core, and fear is the opposite of love. So definitely don’t be afraid to love. Love yourself. Love others. Love the universe itself. Love love. You can even love fear. Whatever you do, don’t fear love. To easily recall the steps to total wellness, you can imagine an 8-petal lotus flower with love at the center.

Here’s a very short summary of  the eight steps to wellness:

  1. Be wiggly, like a child.
  2. Breathe clean air, softly and deeply.
  3. Get adequate sunlight.
  4. Bathe in clean, living water.
  5. Eat raw fruits and other plants to hydrate and nourish your body.
  6. Detoxify with saunas, massage or fasting.
  7. Meditate or pray. Open your mind and your heart.
  8. Rest and dream.

And never forget to Love. This applies to everything and everyone.