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Get ready to overdose on asanas!

By popular demand, this page contains hundreds of yoga poses. Katherine, Laura, Gina, Clarice and Heather are seasoned professionals performing some advanced moves, so please be prudent and find a qualified instructor before attempting to duplicate the tougher poses that you see here. The other ladies are not models but rather ambitious students that hope to inspire others to find their way to wellness through yoga. The asanas will in fact help your physical, mental and emotional health. If your energy becomes blocked, there is a specific asana to remove the blockage.

YOU are beautiful.

The human body is beautiful indeed. But the human spirit is even more beautiful.  It just so happens that the spirit doesn’t photograph as easily as the body does. Yoga asanas are highly artistic. Sometimes a particular yoga asana may accentuate the natural beauty of the human body. Please feel free to enjoy the artistic expression of these instructors or students, without placing too much importance on their physical shape. It is unnecessary to have a perfect figure for one to be perfectly-happy and wonderfully-well.

Katherine’s Yoga Asanas

Laura Kay’s Yoga Asanas

Sandra’s Yoga Asanas

Open Heart

Gina’s Yoga Asanas

Claudia’s Yoga Asanas

Michael’s Yoga Asanas

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