Wilfred and Theresa DucharmeWilfred y Theresa DucharmeWilfred et Theresa Ducharme

Wilfred and Teresa Ducharme

Wilfred and Theresa Ducharme
Wilfred and Theresa Ducharme

These are my paternal grandparents, Wilfred and Theresa. Gramps was a tough worker, but an old softie at home, letting my father get away with frequent mischief with at most an empty threat to take away his car keys. But my grandmother was a lot more strict. She insisted on cultivating a certain set of core values that were inaliable. Gramma died of leukemia when I was two years old, but I can still remember her rocking in her chair. When I learned the name of the condition that claimed her life, I secretly vowed to find a solution, for leukemia and all cancers for that matter. Now, more than three decades later, Gramma’s wisdom continues to shine as brightly as any star. I have found several possible solutions for cancer, although it will take perhaps a couple more decades for all of the testing that is required to share this with the entire world. But Grandma’s core values are not so far away. These, I enjoy on an a daily basis. She taught us that money could never buy class, and that the most important skill is that of making others feel comfortable (the very definition of class, I reckon). She also taught us to love family first, which was not an invitation to stop there. Gramma took excellent care of her own family, and both of my grandparents were extremely active in helping the community. The “family-first” theory was a lesson on practicality. And logistically, this concept makes a lot more sense than any other system. It sounds so simple, but if everyone did this, the world would be much sweeter. Just like Gramma’s Apple Pie.

Aluminum causes breast cancer, deterioration of brain functions, and calcium deficiencyALUMINIO CAUSA CANCER DE MAMA, DETERIO CEREBRAL Y DEFICIENCIA DE CALCIO

According to Dr. Omar Moreno, Aluminum causes breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. It accumulates in the stomach, liver and thyroid, is absorbed in the lungs and by the skin of people that use aerosol deodorants or antiperspirants. Avoid antiperspirants, the aluminum pots, aluminum canned beverages, aspirins, antacids and toothpastes with aluminum, cheeses and refined flours that contain aluminum.

Avoid antiperspirants, aluminum pots, aluminum canned beverages, aspirins, antacids and toothpastes with aluminum, cheeses and refined flours that contain aluminum.

Take a magnifying glass to the supermarket, to read the tiny letters in the list of ingredients. If any ingredient contains the word aluminum, do not buy the product.

Cities that use aluminum sulphate to purify the drinking water show an increase in the cases of Alzheimers Disease. Use filtered water in your home. The aluminum can cause convulsions, and is linked to multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons disease.

Molecules in the body that bond to aluminum can no longer absorb oxygen, water nor any other nutrients from the blood vessels. The aluminum stimulates production of free radicals that cause cancer and diminish absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. This can lead to osteoporosis and muscular affections.

Aluminum is bio-accumulative, which is to say that it is not eliminated easily by the body. It sticks to the DNA of our body where it causes damage. Nevertheless, citrus fruits, with their citric acid, help to eliminate aluminum from the organism and their vitamin C diminishes the toxic effect.

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