My Early Life

Born in Canada, in the Province of Ontario.  Like every child, I wanted the people around me to be healthy and happy. I was blessed with inspiration from my brother, my mother, father, grandmothers and grandfathers, plus Aunt Jane and Sister Linda, so I knew that anything was possible.

To satisfy my curiosity, my mom gave me an encyclopedia set… I was quite amused, but there were some questions that these books could not answer.  The two nuns read me The Bible and gave me books by the Saints including Mother Teresa’s “Words to Love By”.

Sr. Linda taught me The Scientific Method and I decided to use it to find a solution for migraines. While I have never had a migraine, I unfortunately knew its effects too well through my big brother, Stephen, and through Sr. Linda herself.

My aunt Jane helped me with my new mission, giving me many books on natural healing methods including Myotherapy: “Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch”.

While in elementary school, I continued with my personal science project, and I sold lemonade at the curbside, washed the neighbours’ cars, and helped my brother in his landscaping business.

2003 michael-ducharme-mcginty-obaa-speechIn high-school, I started a Web site development company that won me the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the Windsor Chamber of Commerce. The following year I received an “Ontario Business Achievement Award” from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

I attended the University of Windsor but left early to focus completely on my businesses. I sold the Web development company to focus more on my wellness mission.



A Musical LifeMichael Ducharme

At our family gatherings, there were always more musicians than spectators. My mother inspired me to play the piano. Katie Muzzin, Chris Bendo and Lucho Gonzalez gave me lessons.  I now compose my own music and play in a band for fun.


My diet and exercise ‘routine’.

I follow the original human diet, of raw fruits. I eat as little or as much as I like, and never count calories. I rarely visit gyms since I get plenty of exercise with my work, building my wellness community and training others in Yoga and Mady-style Bareknuckle Kickboxing.  I visit Mady’s Chicara Dojo every time I’m in Canada. It is a sort of pilgrimage. I’ve known and studied under Grand Master Albert Mady since my teens, and we’ve become good friends. Mady’s training saved my life.