Added sugars to be listed separately from total sugars

Food Label Poison

FDA proposes new labeling requirements for Sugar and Sweeteners

Two perspective articles were published today in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine on the FDA’s proposed new food labeling guidelines. The FDA is an organization that is criticized frequently and rarely applauded for its slow but steady progress in protecting consumers.

David Kessler, the former FDA commissioner that helped create the current Nutrition Facts Label, stated that “reducing the incidence of diet-related disease and associated mortality was one of the most significant contributions we could make to public health. Our goal was… to give people accurate, easy-to-read information that encouraged them to make healthier food choices.”

The original label fell short of that goal, but it was a starting point. Ideally, the FDA should have continued to improve its labeling requirements to protect consumers from the dishonest tactics of food manufacturers.

FDA Proposed New Label

Some twenty-five years have passed, and the FDA is finally ready to take its next “baby step”, the very first revision to the food label since its creation. But the update is far from dramatic, and the changes may even be hard to detect (so I have taken the liberty of highlighting them in yellow in the photo, although the actual labels will be plain black and white). A line will be added to list added sugars separately from total sugars. And the serving sizes will be revised to more accurately reflect what people actually eat.

These small changes are specifically aimed at the obesity epidemic. Kessler says that “over the past decade, we have learned a great deal about the reinforcing properties of sugar and how they promote overeating, and we know that people tend to consume calorie-rich, sugary products at the expense of nutrient-dense foods.”

Indeed, twenty-five years have taught us more than just “added sugars lead to obesity”. In this proverbial cat-and-mouse game, the manufacturers have become big, fat rats under the nose of a sleepy cat.

Manufacturers still use the following tricks to avoid telling consumer’s the truth about its “food” products that rarely contain more than low-cost, nutritionally-void substances and toxic additives:

Instead of real ingredients like fruits and vegetables, which are costlier and more “problematic” due to the fact that real food cannot be held in a warehouse for years, manufacturers use dried up, pulverized grass seeds, also known as grains, and then fortify them with synthetic vitamins, creating the illusion of a nutritious product for a fraction of the cost. Wonderful!

Manufacturers fill their products with addictive sugar and artificial sweeteners, and then label them as “low fat”.

Tiny type and complex names are used to confuse the consumer. The FDA currently requires that ingredients be listed in descending order by weight. But rather than listing “sugar” as the #1 ingredient, sneeky manufacturers add several different sweeteners, including fructose, corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, dextrose, maltodextrin and brown rice syrup, which can be listed separately further down the list. Brilliant!

According to Peter Williams in the journal “Nutrition Reviews”, consumers do trust the health claims that manufacturers make on the front of their packaging. Products that contained a health claim (such as “low fat” or “lower sugar”) were considered “healthier” than foods without such claims (3), yet many of these items actually contain no real food at all, and could fairly be called pure junk.

Fruit Loops Pure Sugar

Kessler believes that the FDA should require manufacturers to list the top three ingredients, the number of additional ingredients and the calorie count on the front of each package in large bold letters. (See image.) He also believes that forcing these labels onto the fronts of packages will have the double-whammy effect of embarrassing the manufacturers into putting real food into their packages. I agree on both counts! Too bad Kessler is no longer in charge of the FDA.

If it were me running the FDA, I would implement Kessler’s ideas, and I’d go even further. I am decidedly less forgiving of the manufacturers that harm consumers with addictive, toxic ingredients sold as food. You can see my version of the new proposed food label at the top of this page.


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Diabetes: A New Method of Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the world’s biggest killers. The word “diabetes” means “passing through” and “mellitus” refers to honey or the sweet taste of sugar. It happens that those with diabetes urinate more frequently, and that urine is loaded with sugar, but this is just one of many symptoms of diabetes. The other symptoms include blurry vision, increased appetite or thirst, and extreme weakness. These and still more symptoms merely indicate that you may look forward to a long list of terrible consequences of full-blown diabetes: heart disease, obesity, liver failure, difficulty breathing, erectile dysfunction, yeast infections, joint problems, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, gangrene and ulcers leading to the amputation of limbs, coma, memory loss, nerve damage, premature aging and unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

The medical community holds that there is no cure for diabetes, but there is evidence to suggest that diabetes is both preventable and reversible. My intention in sharing this information with you is that you will work together with your doctor to achieve the highest level of health, while using the fewest medications possible.

The three types of Diabetes, as defined by mainstream doctors

A diagnosis of diabetes is always classified as being either “Type 1”, “Type 2” or “gestational”. Type 1, according to the vast majority of doctors, is the pancreas’ complete inability to produce insulin, and therefore requires a lifetime of direct insulin injections. Type 1 diabetes is sometimes referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (or IDDM) and was previously called “juvenile-onset diabetes”. The medical community has been forced to drop the latter name because of the great number of adults that are developing Type 1 diabetes, and the great number of children that are developing Type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes, according to mainstream literature, is when the beta cells of the pancreas can be stimulated to produce insulin, meaning that the “lucky” patient can swap a lifetime of needles for a lifetime of pills. “Gestational” diabetes affects only pregnant women and their babies. Although the mainstream medical community rejects the idea of curing diabetes, many responsible physicians do recommend that their patients adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent diabetes or slow its progression.

The alternative theory: Diabetes is preventable and curable

There are several new and old treatment protocols that offer more than blind hope for those suffering with diabetes.

Dr. Robert Young’s pH Miracle

Dr. Robert O. Young is a modern-day champion in the fight against diabetes. A microbiologist, Dr. Young uses a high-powered microscope to perform live-cell analysis on human blood. This process allows him to record the movement of the living blood. Using this technology, he re-discovered what a French scientist named Antoine Béchamp(1,2) had discovered about 100 years ago: that a blood cell can actually become a bacterial cell or a fungus cell (and can convert back to a regular blood cell) depending on the pH of the fluid that surrounds the cell.  Both Béchamp and Young observed tiny organisms called microzymas, which can morph or transform themselves through a process called pleomorphism. Béchamp’s discoveries were mostly ignored for a century as the world erroneously followed Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory. Pasteur blamed “external” invaders that could be killed with heat (pasteurization) and/or drugs (antibiotics).  He ignored the possibility that disease was created internally. The Germ Theory lives on today, as it is compatible with big business: pasteurization allows mass-production of animal products in disgracefully dirty conditions, and the “external threat” of deadly germs creates a huge demand for pharmaceuticals. Recognizing the possibility that “the enemy is created within”, one is empowered to take personal responsibility for preventing and reversing one’s disease. That real healing can happen through proper diet and lifestyle is the nightmare of Big Pharma and Big Food. Dr. Young’s book, The pH Miracle for Diabetes is a blueprint for preventing and reversing diabetes. I have read, and thoroughly agree with the essence of Dr. Young’s message. In the book, Dr. Young describes the results that he observed in two small clinical trials, and provides a wealth of knowledge that he accumulated over many years of scientific study. His wife, Shelly Redford Young, provides 125 pages of recipes that can help anyone to improve their diet. Shelly’s recipes are nutritious, delicious and easy-to-follow. (Although I must confess to not having tried all of them since I normally create my own recipes with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables available to me.) I would recommend that you buy his book if you or someone that you care about is diabetic, or on the road to becoming one.

Dr. William Davis’ “No-Wheat/Low Carb” Diet

Dr. Davis is a cardiologist that has seen thousands of patients with both heart disease and diabetes. Dr. Davis’ own clinical experience confirms what the medical literature already knew: that  diabetes and heart disease often go hand-in-hand. In fact, that is an understatement. Having diabetes makes you about 60% more likely to suffer heart disease. Dr. Davis has authored the book “Wheat Belly”, which explains in great detail, the correlation between these two diseases. As the title of the book suggests, Dr. Davis recommends drastically-reducing our consumption of carbohydrates, and eliminating wheat altogether. According to Dr. Davis, a slice of whole wheat bread will spike your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar, and even more than  eating a teaspoon of pure table sugar. Throughout the book, Dr. Davis does not spare any detail. He thoroughly describes the sequence of events from the instant that a carbohydrate enters your mouth, through the entire digestive tract, the creation of several types of lipoproteins and the formation of AGE’s (advanced glycation end products). Lipoproteins are proteins that carry lipids. They are often referred to (erroneously) as “cholesterol”.  LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein, and is often referred to (again, erroneously) as “bad cholesterol”. Dr. Davis is crystal clear on this issue: LDL is only problematic when the LDL molecules are smaller than 25.5 nanometers. The more wheat, sugar and other carbohydrates we eat, the more of these “small” LDL molecules are created. Davis is equally descriptive on AGE’s, which are the true cause of aging. He explains that diabetics are among the unhealthiest people in this regard, as their high rate of glycation indicates that they are aging faster than the rest of us. He does not suggest that aging can be halted completely, but he does prescribe a method of slowing down the process as much as possible. Yes, eliminate wheat, and reduce sugar and grains. Doing so will protect you from premature aging, as well as diabetes and heart disease, according to Dr. Davis.

Tuleina, The Ancient Herbal Healing System of the Kuna Tribe

The Kuna tribe of Panama also knows that diabetes is reversible, but they made this discovery without the benefit of a microscope. The Kuna rely on the advice of “Nele”, the Kuna doctor. I met Nele over a decade ago and have learned some of the Kuna’s most precious secrets. Nele prescribes a list of ten medicinal plants, all found abundantly in Panama, to reverse diabetes.  Nele does not emphasize the value of any one plant, but rather, the synergistic value of many plants. In her words “trust not the plant, but the creator of the plants… attack the enemy not with one warrior but with many”. I have personally witnessed the dramatic and sustained lowering of blood sugar in Type 1 diabetics, after drinking just one cup of tea, made from just one of the ten plants prescribed by Nele. Although these observations appear miraculous to the observer (in this case, me), this type of “anecdotal evidence” is often disregarded by the medical community, which prefers to base itself solely on (expensive) randomized clinical trials. Both Nele and I are more than willing to cooperate in such a trial, but as of yet we are not connected with any diabetes clinic.


The Lotus Lifestyle

The Lotus Lifestyle is a system that I created for living in balance, easily. You can read about The Lotus Lifestyle in detail if you wish.  But for the purpose of this article, here is a short summary: There are nine essential elements to a healthy lifestyle: love, clean air, sunshine, natural spring water, an alkalizing (plant-based) diet, staying wiggly, detoxifying, meditation and dreaming. The simpler a plan, the easier it is to implement, so I have organized my plan into an 8-petaled lotus flower, which symbolizes beauty and balance… each of the eight petals symbolizes one of the elements that is necessary for obtaining wellness, and each springs from the core of the lotus, which is love itself. The nine essential elements that I describe in The Lotus Lifestyle are available to all, and it is possible to partake without spending a penny. The nine elements of The Lotus Lifestyle work synergistically to create a healthy, alkaline environment for the cells. My plan agrees with the good doctors (including Young and Davis) that vegetables and herbs are among the best sources nutrients, while grains and animal products are among the worst (because they acidify, and lead to diabetes). But my plan also emphasizes the importance of breathing clean air as deeply as possible, to increase the oxygen and eliminate acidic waste products from the cells.  The other ‘petals’ of The Lotus Lifestyle, such as getting sunshine, clean water, and staying wiggly, are simple methods of keeping all systems in balance and functioning as nature intended.

The Consensus among “Alternative” Practitioners

The four “alternative” plans presented here all fit together perfectly without contradictions. Dr. Young (so far) has not tested the specific plants prescribed by Nele. But Dr. Young does rely heavily on green vegetables and medicinal herbs to alkalize the body, such that the sick cells can morph back into healthy cells, thus reversing the illness. I am confident that if Dr. Young (or another microbiologist with a similar willingness to challenge the mainstream belief) were to observe the effects of Nele’s herbs under a microscope, the images would confirm that the herbs do work synergistically to alkalize the blood and to support cellular healing. The diet plan contained within my Lotus Lifestyle is one that alkalizes the body, allowing it to heal itself in the manner described in detail by Dr. Young. My diet plan fits equally well with Dr. Davis’ advice, as I do not recommend any grains or sugars other than those contained in whole fruits and vegetables. Even the mainstream doctors recommend “a healthy diet and lifestyle”, and my plan offers that precisely.   Notes and Links

  1. 1883 publication of Antoine Béchamp: Les microzymas dans leurs rapports avec l’hétérogénie, l’histogénie, la physiologie et la pathologie : examen de la panspermie atmosphérique continue ou discontinue, morbifère ou non morbifère / par A. Béchamp,… -J.-B. Baillière et fils (Paris)-1883
  2. The hand-drawings of Antoine Béchamp depicting cellular pleomorphism:,%20Antoine.langFR


GMO’s hidden in your food linked with cancer, migraines, sterility, diabetes, autism and digestive disordersOGM vinculados al cáncer, las migrañas, la esterilidad, la diabetes, el autismo y los trastornos digestivos

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. In essence, mad scientists extract parts of a gene from one species and force it onto another species. The short term effect is a new, patentable gene that has a disgusting safety record.

But safety has nothing to do with GMO, whose only goal is to produce profits for the patent-holder. GMO’s do not offer a single benefit to the consumer. They do not taste better, or offer any additional nutrient value. The manufacturer does promise a benefit to farmers, but fails to deliver on that promise.

What is the promise to farmers?

Farmers erroneously believe they will receive higher yields  with the GMO crops. In reality, the yields are higher with organic, sustainable crops, which are more resistant to drought. Therefore the only “benefit” to the farmer is a more expensive seed that is “roundup-ready”, meaning that they can spray copious amounts of Glyphosate (a chemical weapon of war) on their food crops. Everything will die except for zombified plants that look like food.

What happens to Animals fed GMO’s?

Animals often instinctively avoid the GMO’s. Researchers have been repeatedly shocked at seeing the animals’ refusal to eat the GMO food that looks identical to the organic version. When they are forced to eat GMO’s, they often develop grotesque tumours, have stillborn babies, or are rendered infertile. The effect is passed down to future generations. When an animal is fed GMO’s, her offspring will typically be smaller, may die suddenly within the first week, or will likely be infertile. Instead of a perpetual cycle of producing new generations forever, the way God intended, the GMO-fed animals usually extinguish themselves within just three generations.

What about Human Trials?

Well that is kind of a trick question, since there have been none! Yes, that’s right. Some lawmakers thought that it would be a good idea to skip the human trials and proceed to allow the Evil Monsanto to release its animal-disfiguring and toxic GMO’s directly to the market so that YOU (yes, YOU) can be the guinea pig!

OH MY GOD! Are you serious?

Unfortunately, yes.  The unwitting human test-subjects are already showing a plethora of horrible symptoms, most commonly headaches including migraines, inflammation (everywhere) and every kind of digestive disorder, plus food allergies. Also, most long-term disorders including diabetes and autism have steadily increased since the release of GMO’s just a few years ago. The full extent of the damage is still unknown, because diseases like cancer often take many years to develop. In about 5-10 more years, if GMO’s are still around, there may be a huge amount of evidence proving that GMO’s are directly related to cancer.

But you’ll have to wait about 70 more years to find out if your grand-kids are able to continue the family-tradition of making babies. One of the main reasons that scientists use animals for scientific study is precisely this: most animals have a much shorter lifespan than we do. We can therefore see the “long-term” effects of a substance much faster than if we wait for three human generations. Certainly, there are some cases where a substance is harmful to an animal yet harmless to humans and vice versa. That’s why we (normally) have three phases of study before allowing a substance into the market:

Phase one: test tubes! If it looks harmful in a test tube, then we probably shouldn’t feed it to an animal!

Phase two: animals! If it looks to be beneficial in the test tubes, let’s test it on a sick animal, and see if it cures them! But if we give it to a healthy animal and the animal dies or becomes seriously ill, then we definitely shouldn’t be giving this to humans.

Phase three: humans! If a substance has been shown to cure sick animals, there may be some humans willing to try their luck. This is usually done with the full consent of the patient, who is required to read a long list of possible side effects, then sign a waiver of responsibility… in case the experiment is unsuccessful.

It’s deplorable that the government has allowed good, honest, non-consenting individuals to become part of this sick experiment. I did not sign any consent form. Did you? I thought not. And yet these GMO’s are now so ubiquitous that they are hard to avoid. Nearly the entire supermarket is filled with them. They are most likely in your fridge and in your gut. Sadly, you’ve probably fed these same poisons to your children, believing them to be safe, at least as safe as other processed food.

So what can I do?

Opt out of the experiment immediately! If you live in a country that has a modicum of respect for human life, the GMO’s will either be completely banned or at least properly labeled. If you live in the USA or Canada, whose governments claim to protect life but so far have not followed through on that promise, you’ll have to assume that GMO’s are in just about every package of processed food. In particular, you should stay away from ALL non-organic products containing corn, soy and canola.

I am sure that you love your family as much as I love mine. If so, then you will want to inform each and every member of your family (and there is no need to stop there) about the looming dangers of GMO. You may want to send them this article, or buy a copy of the documentary above. You may also want to help your family clean out its fridges and pantries. If it seems like “wasting money” to throw away food, remember these two points:

First, illness ALWAYS costs more than wellness!

And second, GMO’s are NOT food!!!!!!!!!!!


OGM significa Organismo Genéticamente Modificado. En esencia, unos científicos-locos extraen partes de un gen de una especie y la meten a la fuerza al gen de otra especie. El efecto a corto plazo es un nuevo gen “patentable” con un historial de seguridad repugnante. Pero la seguridad no tiene nada que ver con los OGM, cuyo único objetivo es producir ganancias para el titular de la patente. OGM no ofrecen una ventaja para el consumidor. Ellos no saben mejor, ni ofrecen algún valor nutricional adicional. El fabricante promete un beneficio para los agricultores, pero tampoco logra cumplir tal promesa.

¿Cuál es la promesa de los agricultores?

Los agricultores creen erróneamente que recibirán mayores rendimientos con los cultivos transgénicos. En realidad, los rendimientos son más altos con los cultivos orgánicos-sostenibles, que son más resistentes a la sequía. Por lo tanto, el único “beneficio” para el agricultor es una semilla más caro que es “roundup-ready” (listo para el veneno Roundup), lo que significa que puede rociar grandes cantidades de glifosato (un arma química de guerra) en sus cultivos de alimentos. Todo alrededor morirá, con la excepción de las plantas zombis que se parecen a los alimentos.

¿Qué sucede con los animales alimentados con transgénicos?

Los animales a menudo instintivamente evitan el OGM. Los investigadores frecuentemente se sorprenden al observar la forma que los animales niegan a comer los alimentos OGM que, a simple vista humana, parecen idénticos a la versión orgánica. Cuando se ven obligados a comer los OGM, los pobres animales a menudo desarrollan tumores grotescos, tienen bebés nacidos muertos, o se vuelven estéril. Tristemente, el efecto se transmite a las futuras generaciones. Cuando un animal es alimentado de OGM, típicamente sus hijos serán más pequeños, pueden morir repentinamente durante la primera semana, y los que sobreviven son estériles. En vez del ciclo perpetuo de la reproducción según el plan-maestro de Dios, los animales alimentados con OGM suelen extinguirse en sólo tres generaciones.

¿Qué hay de ensayos con humanos?

No ha habido ninguno! Sí, es cierto. Algunos legisladores pensaron que sería una buena idea para saltar las pruebas en humanos y permitir al Malisimo Monsanto de liberar sus OGM’s tóxicos directamente al mercado para que usted (sí, usted) se convierta en conejillo de indias!

DIOS MIO! ¿Es en serio?

Por desgracia, sí. Los seres humanas sujetos involuntariamente a la “prueba” ya están mostrando una plétora de síntomas horribles, más comúnmente dolores de cabeza, incluyendo las migrañas, la inflamación (por todas partes) y cada tipo de trastorno digestivo, además de alergias a los alimentos y mucho mas. La mayoría de los trastornos crónicos como la diabetes y el autismo han aumentado de manera constante desde el lanzamiento de los transgénicos hace apenas unos años. El alcance total de los daños aún se desconoce, ya que las enfermedades como el cáncer a menudo tardan años en desarrollarse. En unos 5-10 años más, si los transgénicos todavía abundan, puede haber una gran cantidad de pruebas de que los transgénicos están directamente relacionados con el cáncer.

Pero usted tendrá que esperar unos 70 años más para ver si sus nietos son capaces de continuar la tradición familiar de la procreación. Una de las razones principales que los científicos usan animales para el estudio científico es precisamente esto: la mayoría de los animales tienen una vida mucho más corta de la nuestra. Por tanto, podemos ver los efectos “a largo plazo” de una sustancia mucho más rápido que si esperamos a tres generaciones humanas. Ciertamente, hay algunos casos en los que una sustancia es perjudicial para el animal pero inofensivos para los humanos y viceversa. Es por eso que (normalmente) se requiere de tres fases de estudio antes de soltar una sustancia en el mercado:

Fase uno: tubos de ensayo! Si la sustancia parece perjudicial en esta fase, es preferible no dársela ni a los animales!

Fase dos: los animales! Si la sustancia parece ser beneficiosa en la primera fase, se proceda a probarla en animales enfermos, con la esperanza de que se curen! Pero si le damos a un animal sano y el animal muere o resulta gravemente enfermo, entonces definitivamente no deberíamos dar esto a los seres humanos.

Fase tres: los seres humanos! Si se ha demostrado que una sustancia cura a los animales enfermos, puede haber algunas personas dispuestas a probar su suerte. Esto se hace con el pleno consentimiento del paciente, que está obligado a leer una larga lista de posibles efectos secundarios, y luego firmar una renuncia de la responsabilidad… en caso de que el experimento no tenga éxito.

Es deplorable que el gobierno ha permitido que la gente buena, honesta, sin consentimiento, forman parte de este experimento absurdo. Yo no firmé ningún formulario. ¿Y usted? Tampoco. Mas sin embargo, estos OGM son ahora tan omnipresente que son difíciles de evitar. Casi todo el supermercado se llena con ellos. Probablemente existen en su nevera y en su intestino. Lamentablemente, usted probablemente ha alimentado a sus hijos con estos mismos venenos, considerando que eran seguros, por lo menos tan seguro como los demás alimentos procesados.

Entonces, ¿qué puedo hacer?

Darse de bajo del experimento de forma inmediata! Si usted vive en un país donde el gobierno tiene un mínimo de respeto por la vida humana, el OGM o será totalmente prohibido o por lo menos adecuadamente etiquetados. Si usted vive en los EE.UU. o Canadá , cuyos gobiernos pretenden proteger la vida, pero hasta ahora no han cumplido con esa promesa, tendrá que asumir que los transgénicos son en casi todos los paquetes de alimentos procesados​​. En particular, usted debe permanecer lejos de todos los productos no-orgánicos que contienen maíz, soya y canola.

Estoy seguro de que usted ama a su familia tanto como amo la mía. Si es así, entonces informa a cada uno de los miembros de su familia (y desde allí puede seguir informando la demás gente) sobre los peligros inminentes de OMG. Es posible que desee enviar este artículo, o comprar una copia del documental anterior. También puede ayudar a su familia a limpiar sus refrigeradores y botar a los OGM venenosos. Si le parece “una pérdida de dinero” tirar la comida, recuerde bien estos dos puntos:

Primero, la enfermedad siempre cuesta más que el bienestar!

Y segundo, los transgénicos no son comida!!!!!

Dr. Omar Moreno: Dairy Linked to Degenerative DiseasesDr. Omar Moreno: Lacteos Relacionados con Enfermedades DegenerativasDr. Omar Moreno: Le lait lié aux maladies dégénérativesDr. Omar Moreno: Leite ligado a doenças degenerativasМолоко Связанный с дегенеративных заболеваний Dr Omar Moreno: Qumësht E lidhur me sëmundjet degjenerative退行性疾病联系到牛奶


Dairy is linked with breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, obesity, allergies, osteoporosis and digestive problems. Dairy damages the arteries, causing varicose veins and contributing to the clogging of the coronary arteries. DEAR System Iridology can reveal if there is risk of damage to the coronary arteries over time. Consume calcium with good bio-availability,  such as from vegetables and appropriate supplements. Doctor Integral Ltda provides high quality calcium supplements.

Greetings and blessings

Dr. Omar Moreno ND-DSNM


Lacteos relacionados con cancer de seno, ovarios y próstata, obesidad, alergias, osteoporosis y problemas digestivos. Los lacteos dañan las arterias, causando varices y contribuyendo con el taponamiento de las arterias coronarias. La iridología de Sistema DEAR puede revelar si existe riesgo de daños a las arterias coronarias a largo plazo. Prefiera consumir calcio de buena biodisponibilidad como el de los vegetales y suplementos adecuado.  Doctor Integral Ltda ofrece suplementos de calcio de alta calidad. Para ver el articulo completo sobre los lacteos y los daños a la salud, visite

Tabla explicatoria de Medicina Natural de Sistema DEAR


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Your Government May be Guilty of Child Abuse

According to chef Jamie Oliver, government bureaucrats are guilty of child abuse for allowing your children to become obese, suffer innumerable preventable diseases and premature death in the name of convenience and cost-cutting. Diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the United States and worldwide. Obesity costs 10 percent of the healthcare bill. Oliver provides compelling proof that children are led towards a grim fate that must immediately be corrected on three fronts: at home, in school, and on main street.