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Doctor Robert O Young is a nutritionist, a microbiologist, an author and a passionate speaker. His extensive research has led him to the discovery that a majority of diseases are caused by acidosis and therefore may be reversed by hyper-alkalizing the body’s tissues through a plant-based diet that relies heavily on green vegetables, either juiced or chewed sufficiently. He has also developed a device that filters and alkalizes your tap water, to make it even easier to rid the body of harmful acids. Dr. Young and his wife Shelley have written several books including The PH Miracle, The PH Miracle for Diabetes, and The PH Miracle for Weight Loss. The Young’s also run a healing retreat center in California that successfully treats common degenerative conditions such as diabetes and cancer. I have personally met with patients whose tumors have vanished after following Dr. Young’s alkaline protocol.

Dr. Robert Young on Prevention

In 2006, CNN spoke with Dr. Young on Weight Loss. In the following interview, Dr. Young explains the reason that many people suffer with obesity. He suggests that moving to an alkaline (plant-based) diet can help you to lose one pound per day, without changing the number of calories consumed. The video also includes amazing before-and-after photos of patients.

In the following video, Dr. Young speaks with The Health Renegade regarding the ranges of pH typically seen in the blood, saliva and urine at various stages of disease and recovery.

Update: I recently met with Dr. Young in Los Angeles at the Raw Living Expo.

Dr. Robert Young and Michael Ducharme at the Raw Living Expo 2014 in Los Angeles
Dr. Robert Young and Michael Ducharme at the Raw Living Expo 2014 in Los Angeles