Return to Love

Lotus Garden Spa Panama

See the breathtaking 360-degree views from The Lotus Garden in Limon, Panama. The pictures are set to a musical piece called Return to Love (Retorno al Amor) composed by Lucho Gonzalez, interpreted by Michael Ducharme and recorded at Ocean Records Canada, with special thanks to Daniel Victor.

Greg Leduc

Greg Leduc is an outstanding guitar player, vocalist and songwriter. He was born in Montreal, Canada, and now lives in Cerro Punta and Limon, Panama. He formed part of the group The Self-Invented Angels and has recently released a solo album. Here are two of Greg’s latest tracks:

Here is a video called “Promise” from the Self-Invented Angels:

Here is another video from the Self-Invented Angels… This one is called “Crazy Mind” and features Greg’s daughter, Katherine.

Greg and I collaborated on the following track: The Dream (demo version with dummy lyrics) As well, Greg and I play in a blues band together with our friend Jack. We have not yet recorded any blues together so those that want to hear and enjoy must travel to Jack’s Castle in Chica.  😉

Chris Bendo

Chris Bendo produced the album entitled Bonzz: One, in my opinion one of the best albums of all time. The album contained both lyrical and instrumental pieces, including Innocent Child, which Chris was generous enough to teach me how to play. Although my skills on the piano will never match his, I composed and played my Tribute to Chris Bendo in memory of his iron-clad friendship.