Limon Flower Festival

Limon is perhaps the most picturesque community in The Republic of Panama, thanks to its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountain ranges that include Panama’s first national park, Altos de Campana.

Around 90% of Limon’s residents share a common vocation: the cultivation of flowers, along with ornamental and medicinal plants. Once per year, the town’s people jointly prepare a joyous festival that showcases hundreds of varieties of flowers, plants and baby trees, along with music, dance, food and handicrafts.


The Limon residents cultivate endless varieties of flowers, including roses, orchids, papos, daisies, and hundreds more.

Papos en el Festival de Flores de Limon de Campana

Ornamental plants

Medicinal plants

The residents of Limon produce a wide range of medicinal plants including several varieties of basil and oregano, rosemary, paico, ruda, boldo, aloe vera, peppers, mint and more.