Limon Panama: The World’s Central Garden

Limon Panama can be described as Paradise on Earth, at the center of the globe.

Limon offers the perfect climate, with perfect proportions of sun, water, wind and earth. But Limon overflows with love. Its people are among the happiest in the world. The Limoners are joyful, honest, compassionate and generous. In Limon, the gardens bloom all-year-long and every day there are abundant fresh fruit.


From Limon one enjoys spectacular sunrises over the Pacific Ocean and Sunsets behind the National Park, Cerro Campana and Trinity Hills. The Campana Heights National Park is Panama’s first national park, and its just minutes away from the center of Limon. Getting around is easy: You can walk, bike, drive, or hop on the bus that runs through Limon twice per hour.

Limon is a privileged place to live, and an excellent option for tourists that are searching for peace, wellness, adventures and direct contact with nature.

If you were searching for the world’s most perfect place, this may be it! Come and discover it!