Loren Lockman on the body's reaction to eating cooked food

In this video, Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Wellness Center answers the question “what happens to the human body on eating cooked food?”

Does eating cooked food affect the body’s temperature?

It does. Normal body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheight or 37 Celsius. But normal means, not healthy, but average. Is this the healthy temperature?
Not necessarily.

Every time that you put cooked food in your body, your body says “something is wrong” and there is an immune response.

This was proven in an experiment about 80 years ago, where the same group of people were fed at different times both raw and cooked food. The result was that, each time a person ate cooked foods, the scientists observed the condition known as leucocytosis, the process by which the body sends white blood cells to the site of an injury.

Prior to this study, scientists were not aware that this process occured during digestion, so a new term was coined: “digestive leucocytosis”. But this condition did NOT occur when the same people ate raw food.

In a later study, scientists in Sweden showed that when we cook anything, we create acrylamide, a known carcinogen. The scientists were actually trying to understand why people that work with this chemical did not have any increased propensity to cancer. The researchers found that the reason for the lack of increased risk is due to the fact that nearly everyone exposes themselves to this chemical on a daily basis!

If you are consuming cooked carbohydrates, you are consuming (according to the U.S. goverment) up to 100 times the “safe” quantity of acrylamide.

Although the government claims that there is in fact a “safe” amount of a toxic carcinogen, Loren and I beg to differ: there is no safe quantity.

Loren asks “might this be the reason that cancer has been growing so rapidly?… Well [the constant exposure to carcinogens] certainly plays a major role”.

Every time you eat cooked food, your intelligent body says “oh this is toxic!”, and responds as though it has been poisoned… but only because it has!

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