Medellin, Colombia: The City of Eternal Spring

Medellin is one of the most amazing places on Earth. It is for good reason that the Wall Street Journal called Medellin the world’s most innovative city in 2012 : the city is home to 4 million well-educated, open-minded and hard-working residents. Medellin is beautiful, charming, well-organized and environmentally-friendly. Because of its strategic location, Medellin enjoys a spring climate all year round, with perfect temperatures and just enough rain to keep the flowers spectacular. The city is vibrant with an impressive array of restaurants, hotels, theaters, museums, parks and shopping centers. And it’s easy to get around the city. A modern subway system will take you from one end to another for just a dollar or 1800 pesos. Taxis are reliable and abundant. You can also get around by bicycle or simply walk the wide sidewalks, which are safe and spotlessly clean.

But the best part of Medellin is the warmth of its people. It is inspiring to see such camaraderie in a city of this size. In fact, it would be a challenge to find more loving people, even in the smallest towns. The people of Medellin do everything with love. Take, for example, the City’s tribute to Christ: A breathtaking display of billions of lights that cover the entire city, and is completely different every year.