Delicious Raw Vegan Pizza Recipe

Here is my deliciously-satisfying recipe for Raw Vegan Pizza. You can eat as much as you want of this dish without worrying about the horrific health consequences of eating traditional pizza.

Start by collecting the key ingredients and tools. You will need a stock of celery, or you can easily substitute cauliflower, zuchini or just about any other vegetable that you prefer. I chose celery because it is readily available and inexpensive and I dislike its taste, so I decided to convert it into a delicious pizza rather than avoiding it. You’ll also need some flaxseed, garlic, sea salt and any fresh toppings that you can imagine. I especially like to include tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh oregano, dill, bell peppers, pineapple and jalapeños (spicy peppers).

You can either buy ready-made vegan cheese and sauce, or make your own using the recipes that I will provide shortly.

The tools that you will need include a coffee grinder (for grinding the flaxseed), a dehydrator (or you could build your own solar dehydrator, or in the worst case, you could use your oven at its lowest temperature setting, but without letting it reach that temperature by turning it on and off at regular intervals. Also handy is a round pizza cutter.

Step one is to chop the celery and peel the garlic. Grind the flaxseed. Blend these in a high speed blender. If your blender is weak, you may need to add some water or blend this little-by-little.

Then, spread this mixture onto the pĺastic sheet of your dehydrator. Dehydrate on medium to low heat overnight, or use high heat if you need it faster and are willing to check on it frequently.

Once the crust is ready, top it with vegan tomato sauce, vegan cheese and all of your favorite toppings. Cut with the pizza slicer and serve with basil infusion or fresh juice.

Nicole Vladić with a Raw Vegan Pizza, basil infusion and orange-carrot juice.
Nicole Vladić with a Raw Vegan Pizza, basil infusion and orange-carrot juice.



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