Ocean Drive, South Beach

The Neighbours of 1500 Ocean Drive

2 ½ blocks away is renowned Lincoln Road, punctuated by exclusive shops and splendid dining. Lincoln Road is teeming with people from early in the day until the wee hours of the morning. The entire street is never dull, but instead, always interesting and entertaining. It is almost as exciting as Ocean Drive itself.

On Ocean Drive the new owner will find within just a few blocks:

  • The Gianni Versace Mansion now converted into an exclusive restaurant. It is the second most photographed residence in the United States, second only to the White House. Is close to the News Café where the famous Italian fashion designer dined just prior to his murder at the front gate of his mansion.
  • The Colony Hotel. When people think about South Beach they don’t think about Normandy Isle or Star Island. They think instead of perfectly sculpted bodies with deep summer tans, and, they think of the number 1-rated Beach in the world. They think its adjacent Art Deco District with its bright lights and pastel colours, and, they think of movies such as Scarface (Al Pacino/Michelle Pfeiffer) and its dramatic scenes from the Colony Hotel. The Colony Hotel is as majestic today as it was in the movie.
  • The Betsy Hotel. An elegant Georgian revival Hotel with a rooftop deck and the finest dining on the beach.
  • Then, there are the fancy ones, such as, the Ritz-Carlton, the SLS, the Delano, the Loews and many more within easy walking distance. The whole area is a treasure trove of exciting interesting places.

Below is a Series of Photographs that Explain and Capture the Excitement


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